Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Debate Over Sister Louise Akers Continues

I’m not sure why it’s so difficult to understand.

Archbishop Daniel Pilarcyk told Sister Louise Akers that if she didn’t recant her belief in female ordination she could not teach in archdiocese institutions. Of course all the disgruntled former Catholics out there are thrilled for an opportunity to bring up their anger, point fingers and say “see, see, the Church is silencing this poor defenseless woman who spent her entire life working for the Church! This is a perfect example of why I haven’t been to Mass in X number of years.”

That’s not exactly true though, is it?

She’s not allowed to teach in archdiocese’s schools. That is not the equivalent of being bound and gagged and tossed in prison, although apparently the difference is so subtle that it’s lost on Church critics. She can still write letters, give interviews and teach in non-diocese schools. She’s free to do whatever she wants out on her own, having rejected this Church teaching. What she’s not allowed to do is spread her beliefs within institutions that the Church controls. And that makes perfect sense.

Why should the Church have a woman, who supports and encourages the faithful to undertake an act that results in automatic excommunication for all involved, teach in their schools? It would be a disservice to the students she was instructing to allow the sort of influence that could sever their connection to the Church that Christ established on Earth, in the classrooms that they run. It’s easy to find people who disagree with the Church. Church institutions should instruct the faithful with actual Church teachings, rather than sowing discord.

And that is exactly why Dr. Carol Egner is no longer teaching a sixth grade Old Testament course. She wrote a letter to the Cincinnati Enquirer questioning the Archbishops decision and stating her belief that women should be ordained. Because she didn't write the letter "as a teacher" she was shocked to find that she could no longer teach at her parish. I'm not sure why this was a shock after Sister Akers was told she could no longer teach for the diocese.

Some Catholics these days don't seem to understand that the Catholic Church is not a democracy. Just because some women want female ordination to be permissible, it does not necessarily follow that it will magically become a reality. We don't vote on what's right or what's wrong. We have a predisposition towards sin that we must struggle against and if the masses were left to decide right or wrong, most moral values would be flung out the window.

Man was made for God. These days it seems like most people are trying to force God and the Church that He established with Peter, to fit within their own modern secular ideas of right and wrong, as if God were made for man. These women have tried to force God into their own image, even changing the word God to reflect their own, feminist views. They would make God into Godde and have Mass officiated by Priestesses. And all in the name of “equality.”

Archbishop Daniel Pilarcyk is standing up for the Church’s teachings and should be commended. Unfortunately people who are angry tend to be much louder than the masses who submit to God’s will as expressed by His Church on Earth. Let us pray that there will continue to be Orthodox leaders within the Church who are willing to resist the secular tide that has transformed major parts of our country, and that Catholics who in their pride or pain rebelled against the leadership of the Church will be reconciled and find their way Home.


  1. Excellent summation of the situation.

    (I was slightly startled at first, looking at your headline and the closest photo; it looked as if Sister Louise had met her demise, though it's unlikely she would be wearing a habit!)

  2. Thanks!

    (I always debate which pictures to put on and these were some from our trip a few years ago to Israel.. I was trying to find some traditional Catholic looking pics. Usually I go for Sadie frowning when it's a serious subject :O) .


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