Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Dip in the Cesspool that is Cable Television: The Marriage "Discussion"

While Sadie was taking a nap today at Nani and Grumpa's house the TV was on. This was the case yesterday and the day before and I'm beginning to see a trend. There is an all out assault against traditional family values going on (I know, I know, this probably doesn't come as a surprise to any of you). What did surprise me was how blatant it was.

The subject of marriage pops up over and over again, and in their own special Hollywood way the script writers and producers "show" both sides of the argument.

On reality shows they find the stupidest traditional marriage advocates on the face of the Earth and tear them to pieces while they sputter and stutter about the Bible (I would think a high school diploma would mean disqualification from defending traditional marriage on these shows). What young person watching the show could possibly think "I want to be like that guy"? They certainly aren't going to bring on anyone who could make a reasonable case for preserving marriage. They hardly even bring on people who can speak in complete sentences if they have a conservative viewpoint.

Then there's daytime television. In a ten minute period they showed a "homophobic father" disown his son and a "good Catholic wife" threaten to leave her husband if he didn't apologize to his son for telling him he shouldn't be having sex with his teenage girlfriend before they were married. Both fathers "saw the light" and apologized in the next ten minute section (and suddenly gained a good 50 IQ points to rise from "dull normal" to "average"). It's hardly a flattering depiction.

Unfortunately it seems to be a typical scenario. The liberal media had a field day between 2000 to 2008 depicting our President as a barely literate buffoon and now they'd like to complete the picture by painting every morally conservative person in the country with the same brush.

I know I shouldn't be surprised and in truth I'm only surprised by the frequency of the subject... I am so glad that we don't have cable and the more I think about it the more I realize that that probably won't change. I wonder if there's a way just to get the sports channels... although they seem to have some of the worst commercials...


  1. Liberals can be brutal in their intolerance. I once had a conversation with an American friend about their elections. She just couldn't accept that people who don't share her beliefs and values are not stupid. She told me that I simply didn't get it (I'm not American), and that yes, those who have different beliefs and values are either rednecks or intolerant idiots. I found the conversation absolutely ridiculous because she is an intelligent person otherwise.

  2. I've definitely ran into that view and lately I feel like it's a view many elected officials take when they think of the majority of conservatives in the country. It's bizarre!


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