Saturday, October 31, 2009

Really Really Scary All Hallow's Eve Post!

The baby is taking her midday nap and I feel the urge to write a quick "scary" post for All Hallow's Eve. And I think this one definitely needs a Sadie Frown (maybe I'll make that a label now so they're easier to find!). I couldn't think of anything scarier than this article, written by Donna O'Connor-Hunnisett, O.C.D.S. and posted on Catholic O'Connor-Hunnisett attended the first two Women's Ordination Worldwide Conferences and offers unique insight.

"The event was held at University of Dublin, and the sight of a Crucifix, holy picture or statue that would usually identify a conference held in the Catholic tradition, was missing; instead there were four dominant altars to the elements of nature: earth, water, fire, and air. There was also a large linen-covered table with a display of loaves of bread, sheaves of wheat and grapes.

Approximately 300 people attended the conference, most of whom were older women. The largest group came from North America, many from the U.K. and Western Europe. The handful of men who attended were ex-priests, plus a few husbands of delegates. Sadly, there were also two priests in good standing with the diocese who took an active part in the liturgy and events of the conference. We were identifiable as orthodox Catholics, wearing small gold papal keys and pro-life lapel pins. This resulted in angry challenges from some participants, and media interest.
The conference was opened with a welcome hopping dance. The participants linked arms and danced in a chain around the hall chanting, "Earth my body, water my blood, fire my spirit.." This went on for some time before the talks began. During the two days of the conference, we sat through one speaker after another seriously distorting the teachings and doctrine of the Church and her history, and expressing anger and sometimes hatred toward the Pope and cardinals, especially Cardinal Ratzinger. We did not engage in their discussions however - until one of the speakers, John Wijngaards, a former priest and "theologian" from the Netherlands, and a frequent contributor to the London Tablet, stated that the Pope was a dictator worse than Hitler because Hitler only killed the body. When a statement of that nature is made against the Holy Father, silence on our part would have implied consent. When asked to retract his statement, he reluctantly did so, and that retraction was recorded on the conference tapes that were distributed.

The conference liturgy was dominated by New Age and occult practices; many of the delegates wore purple stoles, and some were dressed in full priests' vestments. The most disturbing liturgical practice took place on the Sunday before the conference closed. It was listed as a "eucharist." Our group left the area and returned just as they were finishing this celebration. The room was filled with incense, drums were beating, and each of the participants held an earthenware chalice and paten with the bread that had been displayed on the table, and the grape juice that had been used in the ritual. The two dissident priests from the diocese had taken part in the ceremony."

To read more and read about the second conference click here.
I warned you that it was scary! Sorry about any nightmares you may have of middle aged women doing hopping dances while chanting!"

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