Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sadie Frowns

I have to say that as Sadie gets older it's getting harder to get a picture of her frowning. When she sees a camera she either smiles or sticks on finger in her mouth and looks thoughtful. For that reason the "Sadie Frown" pictures that I usually use when talking about an unpleasant topic (abortion, female ordination, ect.) have been recycled over and over again. And while I'm sure you'll see those same photos every once in a while, Sadie was only too willing to frown this weekend, after a disagreement over whether or not she would be permitted to run straight into the icy cold Pacific Ocean, and go swimming on her own (we had to keep a very close eye on her!). Here are the new "Sadie Frown" pictures that are going to be thrown into the mix:

Frown #1

Frown #2

Frown #3

Maybe I should add some Sadie Smile pictures when I'm talking about happy subjects. If I do this will be the first one that I use:

...and the #1 Sadie Smile!


  1. Aww love that first one! Even though she's pouting, she's still so cute!


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