Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The California Bishops Did What?!?!

I keep saying that nothing will surprise me these days, and yet when reading the daily Catholic news on a variety of blogs and Catholic news sites I am constantly surprised. Today, the Surprise of the Day, came to my attention on the Lair of the Catholic Cavemen. He gave a link to the California Catholic Daily (who deserve their very own Sadie Frown pretty much every single day in my opinion) and their article titled "Support for Defiant Nuns?" And who has come forward to support the hysterical women religious who believe a voluntary questioner is a "violent" act by the Vatican? The brilliant Cardinal Mahony and an apparent majority of Catholic Bishops who voted to pass a "statement of support on behalf of U.S. women religious who are facing a Vatican investigation."

And here is a highlight from the article, which shows how the California Bishops are enabling the delusions of a group of women who believe an investigation is the equivalent of domestic abuse:
“We, the Bishops of California, join our people in thanking Women Religious for being our ‘sisters,’ for their presence among us, for their witness to the richness and varied gifts of the Spirit, and for the difference they have made in our lives,” the bishops’ statement said in part. “They have blessed us. We assure them of our sincere support and of our grateful prayers. May our Women Religious, like Mary, continue to witness hope in our Church and in our world.”
They are comparing these women to Mary? Or maybe this one? There is a reason for this investigation and the women religious who are innocent have nothing to fear.
“The California bishops voted last week to pass a statement of support on behalf of U.S. women religious who are facing a Vatican investigation,” said the Reporter in a Nov. 5 story. “Word of the support came in a letter dated Nov. 2 written by Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony.” The cardinal told the nuns, “We are all aware of the special anxieties which surround our women religious these days and I am writing to offer you my prayers of gratitude and my support for all of your members,” according to the Reporter. “The bishops of California met last week and passed a statement of support for all of you, and I am pleased to send a copy of that statement to you… I can honestly state that there would not exist our Catholic schools, hospitals, and social service outreach apostolates without you.”

The article goes on to say that the Bishops had been influenced by Call to Action, who launched an effort to flood the Bishops with "phone calls and letters of support for women religious in the U.S." A paragraph down however, we see Call to Actions broader agenda. Call to action has:
"United with more than 20 other Catholic organizations in support of this national signature ad. With a $15 donation to help defray the publishing cost, your name will be added to a statement of support that will be published in a national newspaper in December.” The link to the ad provided in the email leads to a website called “Catholics Speak Out.” While the main text on the page is devoted to describing how wonderful U.S. Women religious are, the left-hand column of the page describes the group’s views: “We support: Gender equality, including ordination for women; The civil rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons; An end to the rule of celibacy for Catholic clergy; Full communion for divorced and remarried Catholics; Due process for church employees and theologians; A strong church voice on issues of social justice.”
And this is the group that managed to convince the California Bishops to stand against the Vatican investigation (which is actually long overdue).

I hope Bishop Soto didn't vote for it. Has anyone seen a list of who voted yes and who voted no?

I have a feeling that it will be a long while before a California Bishop is named Bishop of the Week on this blog.

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  1. Wow.. just wow. I'm glad I don't live in California, it's much to liberal out there, I think I'd get too depressed!

    As far as the Call to Action, if they want all of that for Catholics, how are they even Catholic any more? I just don't get it. Why remain Catholic when you'd be the same as say, an ELCA Lutheran? I just don't get it. I think it's more of them wanting to make a stance versus religion. Because if it were about religion, they'd just change religions to a more liberal Protestant group. But they'd rather break apart the Church. I just say that they'd be the same as an ELCA Lutheran because their pastors marry, they ordain women ministers, are now ordaining gay ministers, and allow divorce.


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