Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bishop of the Week: Archbishop Raymond Leo Burke

The more I read about Archbishop Burke the more I like him (I've been meaning to name his as Bishop of the Week since I began giving the "award")!

Archbishop Burke is the head of the Catholic Church's highest court in Rome, and today he was scheduled to be the homilist at the 40th annual Red Mass in Phoenix Arizona.

Now I have to say that when I see negative press about a leader in the Church I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt. Actually I go a bit further than that. When I see negative press about a leader in the Church I usually go, do a bit of digging, and find out that they are a traditional leader that hasn't embraced the heterodox idea that "anything goes as long as you feel good about yourself."

Clinging to the Truth and following Christ's teachings are two things that aren't really popular in the eyes of our secular media. So when I saw the title "Dear Archbishop Burke, When the Press Insults You, You Must be Doing Something Right" over on St. Louis Catholic's blog, I thought I'd go have a look.

Michael Clancy of The Arizona Republic wrote "Divisive Bishop to Speak at Red Mass." Clancy labels the Archbishop one of the "Catholic Church's most controversial figures" (we need more like him!) because he his "outspoken" in his "opposition on abortion, stem-cell research and gay marriage." Oh and he's also "a supporter of returning Latin to Church services."

None of these should be "divisive" issues for Catholics. And now, for my favorite Archbishop Burke quote:
"No matter how often a bishop or priest repeats the teaching of the Church regarding procured abortion, if he stands by and does nothing to discipline a Catholic who publicly supports legislation permitting the gravest of injustices and, at the same time, presents himself to receive Holy Communion, then his teaching rings hollow," wrote Burke. "To remain silent is to permit serious confusion regarding a fundamental truth of the moral law."
I keep telling Paul that I think he's going to be a Cardinal soon! I hope I'm right!

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  1. I love your posts about Bishops. They are very interesting. I hope that you don't post one on my bishop. I don't think that his beliefs are out of line, but he's so showy (not exactly the word I want to use but it will do). He's always shaking hands with all the big wigs and he's always on the front page of our newspaper.

    Beyond that I've personally met him. At the time our church was having major construction problems and was in debt (the roof was literally caving in). I mentioned something to him about it and he totally deflected the comment without any sort of sensitivity. He's always like that. It's all about him and his agenda not about what is concerning the diocese and it's parishes. To put it nicely he's an a**. I'm sure that people love him though. He's the vice-prez for the USCCB. Like I said it's all about him not the laity. He's never been a parish priest which is a complaint that some of the local priests have because he doesn't have experience with the difficulties they have.

  2. Archbishop Burke is another fantastic choice! Well done!


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