Friday, February 12, 2010

From the Comment Box... The CCHD Still Shouldn't Donate to Young Workers United...

Hi. I am a volunteer member of Young Workers United. It is incorrect to claim we want prostitution legalized. Our position has always been that prostitutes who call 911 after being attacked should not be charged with crimes relating to information given to police describing the circumstances of the attack. Thank you for taking this into consideration.
--Peter Sherman
Here's the original quote which I copied off the Reform CCHD Now Website back in November (it was part of a list of groups that the CCHD had given money to, along with the reasons why the CCHD most certainly should not give them money):
· Young Workers United – supports abortion rights, legalized prostitution and gay marriage.
My response:

It's unfortunate that you can't show the same respect for all human life. While I applaud efforts to protect those on societies fringes from violence, I find it odd that an organization can fight for the protection of some, while advocating the wholesale murder of others.

Of the three issues mentioned you only took issue with legalized prostitution. The logical conclusion I can then draw from your comment is that Reform CCHD Now is correct and that the Young Workers United neither upholds the sanctity of marriage nor believes that the unborn have the most basic of rights... the right to live. This is at odds with basic Church tenets and pretty much proves the point that I was making in my last CCHD post.

The CCHD should never had given a penny to a pro-death organization.

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