Saturday, February 6, 2010

If You're Catholic Don't Send Your Kids to Saint Mary's College of California...

Saint Mary's College of California might as well admit that it's cherished "Catholic Identity" is a complete farce that ranks right up there with the "Catholic Identities" of USF and the Santa Clara Jesuit School of Theology.

When I saw the title of one of the posts yesterday over at the Catholic Cavemen's my first thought was "not my school, not my school, not my school..." Really, I shouldn't be surprised by anything that my alma mater does. After all, this would be the same school where a Professor helped set up my Planned Parenthood Internship. Somehow that doesn't seem quite as bad though, because I always imagined it was something that the professor did on her own and that it probably wasn't something that the College would have condoned it they knew about it.

After reading this article though, I'm pretty sure that they would have been completely fine with it. In fact it seems that they encourage graduates to go to work for Planned Parenthood:
California Catholic college’s scholarship named after Planned Parenthood director
February 04, 2010
A Catholic college in California has named its Vanessa Bedient and Molly Reidelberger Scholarship for Excellence in Poetry after a Planned Parenthood director and a longtime Planned Parenthood volunteer. Mrs. Bedient “served as the director of Planned Parenthood in Santa Barbara, where her two children were raised, and later in San Francisco,” according to the web site of St. Mary’s College of California. “She loved literature and the arts, and was the soul of goodness.” Ms. Reidelberger, in turn, “volunteered at Planned Parenthood for 15 years.”

According to the college’s web site, Dr. Shawny Anderson, the college’s Associate Dean for Liberal Arts, received an award in 1992 “for continuing social and political service for the completion of the ‘Choice’ project to benefit Planned Parenthood.” She was responsible for “Choice, a 2-song ‘cassingle’ (one song on each side of a short cassette tape), produced as a fund-raiser for the Tecumseh Area Planned Parenthood Association.”

In addition, Planned Parenthood is included on two of the college’s job web sites.

Founded by the Brothers of the Christian Schools in 1863, St. Mary’s College of California has 3,840 students, 2,621 of them undergraduates.
To quote Bishop Sartain: "To be Catholic means to be Pro-Life."

St. Mary's College of California has completely abandoned it's Catholic Identity. You cannot be Catholic and support and honor a culture of death.

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