Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pagan Gods Slither into USF's St. Ignatius

A Woman's Place had an undercover photographer (who we'll call "Thomist") visit the pagan exhibit they had up inside St. Ignatius Church at USF. Thankfully this exhibit ended last week. Here's what he found:

What would you do if you had a Church that looks like this?

Would you get rid of almost all of these?

So that you could set up this in its place?

Those crazy Jesuits. I find myself asking this more and more frequently as the months go by:

What are they thinking?!?!?!

Let's see how they justify it:
In keeping with Ignatius’ understanding that his Constitutions or governing rules for Jesuits would include old principles and new ones, the gallery’s philosophy is to include both traditional religious works and contemporary art in a series of changing exhibitions. Commissioned pieces will enhance the dialogue that take places on a larger scale within the ritual space of the church.
Oh, okay, now it all makes sense (I know it's sometimes hard to "hear" sarcasm when you're reading, so if you missed it this sentence is dripping with it).

I can't help but think that Saint Ignatius is not pleased with the direction his order has taken at USF (on so many different levels).


  1. All I can say on this is this: American Jesuits are unique.

  2. Hi Cam.
    I thought that this paganist-madness is becoming fashionable in Greece as it get's all mixed up with greek History and more stupid excuses like that. Apparently it's spreading in many more stupid and inconceivable ways. I'm not Catholic, but i think it's got very little to do with that. As a Christian i find this type of thing offending, to say the least.Glad that you blogged about it.


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