Friday, February 26, 2010

Saint Mary's College of California won't be getting a check from me anytime soon...

I found out yesterday while talking with my mom that Saint Mary's College of California (my alma mater for those who aren't regular readers) called their phone last night. I must have looked perplexed because she continued and said that she figured they were asking for money.

And that makes sense. That's the only reason that they would call.

After a few minutes silence I said: "I would have really liked to talk to them."

My mom gave me a surprised look because I've never been a huge fan of talking on the phone, even with people that I know well. But it would be worth it. Here's what I would like to say:

"I'm sorry but I just can't donate a penny to Saint Mary's College and if things continue the way that they're going there, I never will. You may want to take me off of your list if you don't want to have this conversation again. You see, as long as SMC continues to host pro-death propaganda like that speech by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, or worse yet, names scholarships after Planned Parenthood directors who the school feels has "helped the community," they won't see a single check with my name at the top. Saint Mary's has forgotten the basic tenets of our faith and until they come back to them I can't donate."

Now I feel for the people making those calls. I really do. I worked as telemarketer for a political action group after college and it was tough. I lasted for five months which was pretty long for a job that seemed to turn over most of the staff every four weeks. But someone needs to say something about what's going on there, and if enough people withhold their donations it might get through the thick skulls of the people who are making these horrible decisions that something needs to change.

If their consciences can't help them make the right decisions, maybe their pocketbooks can.

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