Friday, February 26, 2010

Saint Mary's College of California: An Explanation or An Excuse?

I just discovered a new website after searching for more news on my alma mater's less than Catholic activities. After discovering a few of the less savory actions taken by good ol' SMC I just couldn't help looking for more. Instead I found the explanation that the school's PR man, Michael McAlpin gave Pipeline in an attempt to justify naming a scholarship after a Planned Parenthood director and a Planned Parenthood volunteer:
"The Vanessa Bedient and Molly Reidelberger Scholarship for Excellence in Poetry was independently established in 2004 by the loved ones of Mrs. Bedient and Mrs. Reidelberger. Since 2005 the award has been given to talented students in the MFA in Creative Writing Program with limited financial means. The award description provided by the family members of Mrs. Bedient and Mrs. Reidelberger was intended to acknowledge and memorialize them. The award in no way suggests Saint Mary's College supports the politics and practices of Planned Parenthood."
Let's think this through. If the family of someone like Hitler wanted to give a scholarship in his name, would SMC let them? One instinctively knows the answer: No! Of course not! That would be absurd and insensitive.

And yet they have no problem giving a scholarship in the name of two women who spent their lives involved in the murder of countless unborn children, over the span of decades.

Saint Mary's clings to the last traces of its Catholic beginnings, social justice, while forgetting that justice cannot exist while the unborn are unprotected and vulnerable to this type of treatment. And honoring those who participate in this horrendous act dishonors the mission of the college, it's reputation and those at the school who've fought for justice for decades.

Let's see what the author of the article over at Pipeline News thought of the response (emphasis mine):
"A defense of the college's actions based upon its assertion that acceptance does not imply approval, in large part offers a distinction without a difference. While the college must, for public relation's sake, maintain that it in no way endorses the "politics and practices of Planned Parenthood," a perhaps over-delicate reference to PP's abortion mill, no one forced the hand of St. Mary's to accept a funding offer based upon such questionable terms.

Indeed, that very acceptance will most likely be read by most as an endorsement - an imprimatur if you will - providing undeserved legitimacy for an odious practice which always results in the loss of human life and which is completely at odds with Catholic theology.

Largely having retreated from any meaningful link to Catholicism, aside from the now quaint presence of a chapel on campus, one wonders at what point St. Mary's might simply jettison the notion that it is anything but another private and thoroughly secular, left-leaning college, albeit one in a beautiful setting, and be done with it - if not only from the aspects of fairness in advertising, at least to put an end to the odious sleight-of-hand with which parents are deluded into believing that their sons and daughters will be matriculating in a faith affirming environment.

Certainly the school's few remaining Christian Brothers [approximately two dozen in number] could be more suitably employed in enterprises not visibly at war with the Church."

To read the entire article click here.
I was actually tempted to bold the entire article, because it's so true and it desperately needs to be said.

Saint Mary administrators would like to toe the line, tip their hats to Catholic belief, and pretend that all these beliefs can fit together nicely. And that's exactly what Satan would have them do to:

"Don't worry, it'll be fine. It's all relative. As long as you're nice and cheerful, that's all that matters. We wouldn't want to hurt any abortion providers feelings by not naming something after them. Why can't we all just get along and agree to disagree. If you don't want to kill your baby, you don't have to... but you can't judge someone who wants to kill theirs? Remember, "judge not..."

(to give an example of the frequent misuse of that particular verse in Matthew...)

This isn't "fine" though. It's merely one example, a symptom if you will, of the problems attacking nominal Catholic Colleges across the country... moral relativism in the extreme.

I'll end this post as they end the Masses at SMC:

Saint John the Baptist De La Salle, Pray for Us!

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