Friday, February 12, 2010

Why we Shouldn't Bury our Heads in the Sand over the CCHD Scandals...

Certain Bishops in vocal positions in the USCCB are so confident that any claims of money going to pro-death organizations are "ridiculous" that they seem to think no further investigation is warranted and are acting as if questioning where the money went classifies a full scale attack on the Church (it's not the Church that we're questioning, it's the people running the CCHD who are either a) corrupt or b) incompetent and unable to vet the charities they're distributing money to). The fact is the CCHD was giving money (7 million dollars to be exact) to ACORN until 2008 (even I could have told you giving money to ACORN was a bad idea before 2008).

There was even a link on the USCCB website encouraging Catholics to support to CCC, despite the fact that they've been leading the way on the Stop Stupak campaign that was only taken down this month.

We can say that these organizations "misspent" the money, but the fact is they should not have been given money in the first place! Actually, for those of you who are curious, let's take a look back and see where some of the money you dropped in the second collection back in Novembers-past have gone:
· Young Workers United – supports abortion rights, legalized prostitution and gay marriage.

· The Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco) – supports abortion rights and gay marriage, actively urging its members to vote against Prop 8 in California, which would define marriage as between a man and a woman.

· People Improving Communities through Organizing (PICO) – currently campaigning for the a version of healthcare reform, which has government-funding of abortion and does not protect the conscience rights of medical professionals who decline to perform or refer for abortions.
"We didn't know!" Is a pretty lame excuse when money has been given that will ultimately lead to the destruction of unborn life. It is their job to find out where the money is going before they give it away!

Social Justice is important. But Social Justice can't exist when the most defenseless members of society are being slaughtered on a massive scale on a daily basis. And it is the responsibility of those in leadership positions who are responsible for distributing the money that the CCHD takes in, to make sure that that money doesn't in any way fund the destruction of life.

Bishop Morin has said that the claims are totally ridiculous, just as he said that the claims were ridiculous back in November, when pretty much everyone else, even the Bishops defending the CCHD, had admitted that some very bad choices had been made and that money had been given to organizations whose fundamental goals were at odds with basic Church teachings.

What's truly ridiculous is that this is a recurring problem that has gone largely unnoticed for the last decade and that is, thankfully, finally coming to light now. Ignoring the problem, like ignoring the destruction of innocent life, isn't going to help move us closer to the "Social Justice" that this money was donated in the name of.

The USCCB can't bury their head in the sand on this and wish it away. It needs to be addressed and rather than dismissing what has happened, they need to investigate what went so horribly wrong and ensure that it never happens again.


  1. Hi. I am a volunteer member of Young Workers United. It is incorrect to claim we want prostitution legalized. Our position has always been that prostitutes who call 911 after being attacked should not be charged with crimes relating to information given to police describing the circumstances of the attack. Thank you for taking this into consideration.
    --Peter Sherman

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