Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Society of Jesus: A Look at the University of San Francisco- Part 2

USF's defense of its "Catholic" identity continues with this description:
“There are folks who are much more comfortable with the Church up on a mountain top with clear answers to clear questions, relatively unsullied by contact with the world,” said Charles Currie, S.J., president of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, of which USF is a member. “Others are more comfortable with a Church that is involved with the risks and ambiguities of the human condition and runs the risk of getting dirty in the process. Such a Church has the chance to transform society in a way the Church on the mountain top can never do. And there is room in the Church for both.”
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could have both and we could understand that the two parts don't have to be mutually exclusive and separate? A Church with clear answers, established by God, that also worked to help the world, both spiritually and physically? Oh, wait… we already do have a Church that meets those criteria and that understands that these two realms are not separate…

The administration at USF, however, has made it very clear that they don’t agree with the Church and will go out of their way to publically disagree and honor dissenters every chance that they get. They've decided that the Church that is "on a mountain" is irrelevant and outdated (although okay for some people... if you like that sort of thing...). They've blinded themselves to the fact that the Church, with its great traditions and its rich history of helping those in need, has always been out there in the world working for true justice.

I wonder what Saint Ignatius thinks about his order these days?

St. Ignatius understood that it was possible to have a Church that acted as both a guide and a force working within the world and he founded an order with clear intentions. That order was to be both faithful to the Pope and go out into the world and spread the faith.

Today we have an order that does not see the necessity of loyalty to the Church that Christ founded and who doesn’t want to offend anyone by taking firm stances on moral matters. Thus we have talk of the “risks and ambiguities of the human condition” as if there can be no real concept of truth. But there are ultimate answers in this world, right and wrong do exist and while the Jesuits cherish Christ’s compassion, they should also recognize the roll of the Church to lead.

More to come tomorrow...

(This posts picture was taken by "Thomist" on the Lone Mountain campus at USF...and that little bump is Sadie!)

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