Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Society of Jesus: A Look at the University of San Francisco- Part 3

In this third section we will continue to examine the University of San Francisco’s claim that it retains some remnant of Catholic teaching, despite strong evidence to the contrary (here’s part 1 and part 2 if you missed them):
Fr. Privett holds that a university that refuses to engage those who differ with it is harsh, unwelcoming, and un-Christ-like. Critics like those from the Cardinal Newman Society “would do more good for the Church by taking a less rigid and self-righteous stance,” he said...
Because only liberals are allowed to be self-righteous in San Francisco!

On a more serious note…

In reality Father Privett doesn’t welcome all views at his college. That is made clear enough if one examines the events held at the Lane Center. He’ll gladly bring heterodox speakers to his school, and he’d love to hear about the ways in which the Church is surely wrong (according to his guests and faculty) but he isn’t eager to hear about upholding traditional values (even simple, straightforward ones like the sanctity of human life). After all, traditional values can be quite offensive, particularly in places like San Francisco. And he wouldn’t want anyone to have to question their lifestyle or feel uncomfortable.

Sadly, being told that everything we do it “okay “and nothing is really “sinful,” because it’s all “relative,” never really helped anyone in the long run. Personally, I’d rather feel bad about something now, repent and change my life than be told that everything I’m doing is okay when it’s not and roll happily along until it’s time for a judgment that (if the gospels are any indication) is most definitely not going to accept “it’s all relative… whatever you want to do is okay” as an excuse for wasting a lifetime.

A little guilt now could go a long way towards combating a very uncomfortable (to strongly understand the description) future. But I digress… back to the quote:

It appears that saying that something is “wrong” would be “harsh and unwelcoming” in Father Privett’s eyes… and USF wouldn’t want to be “harsh and unwelcoming” would it?

It doesn’t seem to bother them to seem “harsh and unwelcoming” when dealing with orthodox Catholics. USF is a harsh, unwelcoming and un-Christ-like place if you aren’t willing to spout heterodox doctrine.
If, as Fr. Privett holds, there are many cornerstones supporting a Catholic and Jesuit school, one of USF’s strongest is spelled out in its mission of “educating minds and hearts to change the world.”
This also worries me. Go back and glance at the list in the first post that showed recent events at the Lane Center. What is USF teaching its students with these speakers? I can hardly imagine many positive changes from being exposed to the constant poison that Father Privett has brought into his school.

After all, he can only claim to be promoting “dialogue” between different groups at his University if he actually had conservative speakers who showed the opposing view. But that hasn’t been done. Father Privett did his best to get rid of traditionalists at USF and he’s not about to invite them back in.

(AP photo of Privett and Pelosi)

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