Monday, August 30, 2010

Bishop of the Week: Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento, California

This last summer (June I think) our diocese newspaper closed down. It's been replaced by a new magazine with the same name and we just got our first copy. I haven't read it cover to cover yet but I am convinced that it's worth the $12 a year subscription fee.

Bishop Soto's columns in the Catholic Herald were always exceptional, but his first joy and hope column in the new magazine stood out as a particularly outstanding piece.

I feel very fortunate to live in a diocese that is blessed with a shepherd that isn't afraid to speak the truth and proclaim the teachings of the Church. Here's a highlight of what he tackled in his first Catholic Herald magazine column:
"Another area where Catholics should do more reflection and cultivate new habits is in the sexual practice of marriage. One habit that has taken hold of many marriages is the use of artificial means of contraception. The prevalence of the practice in and outside of the Catholic community has made contraception the unquestioned default mode of marriage. As a consequence, sexuality and relationships are misunderstood and misused; and their true purpose is misplaced.

These comments are not just about the "pill" or other forms of contraception. This is more about the habit of using artificial means. The habit has shaped the hearts and minds of many, especially the young. Marriage is no longer understood as the covenant of love between a man and a woman that creates life, because procreation is no longer associated with sexual intercourse. In this new social situation, many shrug their shoulders and wonder why a sexual relationship between any two people who care for each other cannot be called a marriage."
We are very fortunate to have a bishop that doesn't carefully avoid less than popular teachings, but instead leads us to follow the teachings of the Church. And that's one of the reason why our own Bishop, Bishop Jaime Soto, is this blogs most recent Bishop of the Week!


  1. hm this is interesting. I've been trying to understand the Catholic view of contraception just scares me in way...the possibility of having 10+ children.

  2. I agree, we are blessed to have a faithful shepherd.
    May God bless your openess to His divine design for your family.
    Pax Christi - Lena

  3. oh wow, a very good friend of ours just accepted a position working for the Diocese there, in Adult Formation, I think? Brad Colvis. If you get a chance to meet his wife Natalie, she's pretty cool...very good cook-from-scratch home schooling type mom :)

  4. I'm so glad to see your bishop features again! And NOT just because I hope to see one of my faves, Bishop Vasa, listed a third time. ;)

    I hope you don't mind my asking this, but I've read your blog for some time and I am reaching out to all Catholics I can think of - even if I "know" them in real life or not! =) If you wouldn't mind, please look at this Catholic News Agency article about my alma mater (, Pius X High, a Catholic high school in Lincoln, Nebraska. And then if you're on Facebook, please vote for Pius and the other Catholic schools in the competition and spread the word. The last I heard, Pius X and Our Lady of the Presentation (from Missouri) were the ONLY Catholic schools in the top 20 in the entire nation!

    If you want more info, my email is on my profile. Thanks, Cam!


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