Friday, November 12, 2010

USF Honors Sister Keehan...

My alma mater and my husband's current University sometimes seem to be locked in a battle, where they one-up each other from across the foggy bay, vying for the position of least-Catholic-University-in-actual-observance-of-Church-teaching. I'd been following the story below and had been debating about whether or not to write about it. When this story broke I had just written about USF the day before as a paragon of moral relativism for allowing co-ed sleepovers ("...blah, blah, blah... well not everyone who goes here's Catholic...." Yes, but at least the school, which purports to be Catholic, should act like it!) . And let's face it... can USF's administration really do anything "shocking" or "surprising" at this point?

I think that FR. John Malloy, SDB sums up the latest USF scandal nicely here:

At USF, Pro-Lifers are "Hate Groups" but Sister Keehan is Worthy of Honor

Sounds about right.

A couple of points that were not mentioned in this morning's California Catholic Daily story about the (Jesuit) University of San Francisco's honoring of Sr. Carol Keehan:

This is the first event sponsored by USF's Department of Campus Ministry since Julia Dowd took over as Acting Director, following the departure of Father Donal Godfrey. Prior to her appointment, Ms. Dowd had served as the Associate Director at USF's Lane Center for Catholic Studies and Social Thought. The Lane Center, of course, has a long history of inviting pro-abortion speakers, including Professor Sylvia Marcos; Amnesty International's Irene Khan; the Rev. Ignacio Castuera, President of the Clergy Network of Planned Parenthood and the Rev. Lisa Sargent, Chaplain of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate.

At USF, hosting pro-abortion speakers is the norm, and when they do deign to notice the Catholic position, the bias is obvious. The 2009 fall session catalog at the University’s Fromm Center for Lifelong Learning includes a class by Professor Bernice Goldmark “Hate Groups in the US.” The catalog describes such “hate groups”:

“While the course isn’t exactly “entertainment,” the stories (such as those of the white supremacy, anti-gay/lesbian, anti-abortion groups, among others — and the anti-Hate groups) tell of audacious and grim activities of villains, and courageous and creative reactions of the heroes who oppose them.”

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