Friday, November 5, 2010

USF says Co-Ed Sleep Overs in Dorms are Okay

I attended a pretty liberal Catholic College. But there was one rule that I never heard questioned. Members of the opposite sex were not permitted to spend the night in each other's rooms. This was called "cohabitation."

Did people break the rule? Absolutely. The proof was in the school newspaper's Crime Beat which on a fairly regular basis named a freshman dorm and said that two freshman had been caught cohabitating and referred to residence life.

The thing was, we all knew that we had chosen to go to a Catholic College and while people broke the rule, no one seemed to question whether or not it should exist. After all, Catholic teaching is pretty clear on this particular subject (fornication... or even scandal...).

Unfortunately those zany Jesuits over at USF have decided that having members of the opposite sex sleep in the same room is a-okay. I guess we shouldn't really be surprised. It's not the first time USF has done something that goes directly against Catholic teachings (and common sense). Or the second (remember when they decided to replace the confessionals with pagan gods?). Or the third (scroll towards the bottom to see all the programs that have been hosted by the Lane Center at USF). Here's the latest:
New Guest Policy Puts Responsibility in Student Hands
Posted on 20 October 2010
By Staff Writer: Foghorn Editorial Staff

Last week, the Office of Resident Life (ORL) announced a change in the overnight guest policy that the student body has continually requested. Now, opposite sex guests are allowed to be in checked in by dorm residents and stay overnight in residence halls up to four times per month (excluding Fromm Residence Hall, which is an all women facility). The Foghorn has printed several different student editorials over the past year calling for this change, but we also recognize the controversy this change may create for students.
It is likely that there will be more roommate conflict following the implementation of this policy. Roommates are often assigned fairly randomly and there is no guarantee that roommates will get along. Privacy concerns in such small living spaces are certainly not to be taken lightly. If one roommate brings his or her opposite sex sibling, friend, or significant other to the dorm frequently, his or her roommate may be presented with a very uncomfortable living situation...

...The Foghorn believes that this policy change suggests ORL’s desire to have a more open and trusting relationship with the student body. Almost all students living in on-campus residence halls are 18 years of age or older. They are adults and deserve to have certain freedoms. If a handful of students abuse this freedom and disrupt their roommate’s or floor-mates’ privacy or safety, then those students should have overnight guest privileges revoked. The entire residence hall population, however, should not be punished for the immaturity of their peers....

Read the entire article here.
USF's policies take moral relativism to a whole new level. They seem to have left off even pretending to be a Catholic University that promotes actual Church teachings. In all things they have now embraced the sad city named after a very great Saint.

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  1. I have to say I used to be very liberal on this sort of thing but now I'm married with kids I really do see how right Chinch teaching is on the whole subject.  I know it's old fashioned to say it but I know from personal experience that the fact that I was a virgin on my wedding day has made a real positive difference to my marriage and how ever archaic rules to keep the sexes apart, impose modesty standards etc sometimes seem the fact is that we are frail humans and anything which helps remove temptation, provokes a moments thought or helps dissuade people from pre- marital sex is I believe a good thing !


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