Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sadie Frown of the Week: The Chicago City Council

When I see stories as horrible as this one, my first thought always seems to be "thank goodness my DH wasn't there for this." Because I can see the scene unfolding in my head and I have a strong feeling that the report would be very different and would not read "Churchgoers withstood the angry protest passively..." It might read "one protestor, who came to near the tabernacle, was lifted by his shoulders and carried out of the Church and tossed onto the sidewalk." He was doorman when I met him. And while not directly related it does bring to mind that story about Eucharistic Bouncers a while back.
Gay protesters swarm Chicago cathedral, police do nothing

CHICAGO, February 25, 2011 ( - The city of Chicago ordered its police force not to enforce the law against a mob of homosexualist activists who disrupted Mass at the Holy Name Cathedral to protest “anti-gay bigots” who support the Church’s teaching on marriage.

The Gay Liberation Network staged the rally on the eve of Valentine’s Day, shouting and chanting loudly as churchgoers entered to celebrate Sunday Mass. The demonstration’s primary target was Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, who has spoken out in defense of traditional marriage between a man and a woman. Protesters had staged a similar disruption around the same time last year.

In response to the protest, George, who was not present at the cathedral, acknowledged that the issue is deeply emotional on both sides but, “No matter the issue, Catholics should be able to worship in peace, without fear of harassment...”

"...Churchgoers withstood the angry protest passively. One said that the pastor present for the Mass “was almost attacked and was called a bigot.” The Chicago Tribune reported that there was a small counter-protest defending traditional marriage and Cardinal George.

While it was illegal for the protesters to disrupt a religious service, the Chicago City Council announced that police would not enforce the law in this instance - a move that NOM castigated.

“It’s outrageous that the city of Chicago stepped in and basically told police not to enforce a law for this one occasion,” said NOM president Brian Brown..."

Read the entire article here.
Sadly this isn't the first time something like this has happened and it surely won't be the last:
A gang of about 50 pro-abortionists gathered outside Mary Queen of the World Cathedral in Montreal on March 8, 2000 as part of a demonstration put on by the Collectif Autonome Feministe. They began by burning crosses on the steps of the Cathedral. Then about thirty of the screaming pro-aborts forced their way into the Cathedral and littered it with used condoms and soiled sanitary napkins. They also spray-painted anti-life slogans on the altar, turned over and destroyed flowerpots, and generally destroyed anything within their reach.

Sister Rejeanne Poulin, who witnessed the vandalism, said: "They came in yelling things against religion. They said they were claiming the right to abortions and freedom of speech."

The pro-abortionists spray-painted the words "NEITHER GOD NOR MASTER" foot-high letters on the altar, and on the frame of a 19th-century painting. Outside, they painted another slogan, "RELIGION, A TRAP FOR FOOLS" on a pillar at the front of the cathedral.

Amazingly, a Montreal police spokesman said hate crime charges were not considered because "the elements were not there for charges of that kind."
Read the entire article here.
How very, very sad. At least at the second "protest" the police arrived and the "protestors" complained of their "rough" treatment (being handcuffed). Apparently they didn't realize that that's what happens when you break the law. At least it's what should happen.


  1. Some how,(and sadly) this doesn't surprise me.

  2. I agree that this doesn't surprise me, but it still makes my blood boil.

  3. As a pro-gay rights advocate, I'm appalled at the actions of these protesters.

    If they want to complain to someone, complain to the government. Churches can marry (or refuse to marry) anyone they see fit.

  4. And the actions of the Feminist Collective (I studied German in school, so I'm taking a rough guess at the translation of the French) are just plain disgusting.

  5. If it had been reversed, and there had been anti-gay protesters at a gathering, you KNOW the police would have stepped in, even if they'd been peaceful. It frustrates me so much that things like this happen in a society that is SUPPOSED to stand up for the rights of the citizens to worship as they want.

  6. This saddens me...the left are only tolerant if you agree if you don't agree with them then we are labled as racist, bigots, sexists, etc.


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