Saturday, March 5, 2011

Two Major Events: The Potty and the Ponytail!

I have one more distraction from today's regularly scheduled post (in the series) before I get back to headcovering. We have had a very special week. As I mentioned earlier this week, Sadie has been hitting some big milestones. There are two that have me grinning ear to ear!

The first is that she hasn't had an accident in the past 36 hours! Since we really didn't push potty training and kind of just let her decide to start on her own I'm pretty excited about this! All we really did was read potty books about how big girls use the potty. This morning she started talking a little and was saying some sort of song or rhyme that I couldn't understand and then suddenly said "I... Pee!" So we got up and ran to the bathroom and we made it! It was the first time she'd used words to tell me that she needed to go!

The second big achievement is evident in the picture at right. I have lamented that Sadie hated bows and hair ties (and hair cuts). Her bangs were always in her face as we tried to grow them out. Three days ago she pulled Maggie's hair tie out of her hair (gently) and looked at me. I said "Do you want your hair in a fountain?" expecting the regular screech of "No!!!!!!!" response as if I'd suggested we go to the doctor for shots. Instead she said "Yes." and let me put her hair up. She's worn it up for the past three days and I love, love, love being able to see her eyes! She looks like a different kid! And she's much happier not rubbing her hair out of her eyes every two minutes!

As a result I've been snapping pictures like crazy. Thankfully it was a bright day yesterday or she would be blind from the flash by now...


  1. Good job Sadie!! And your hair looks very beautiful. I have really enjoyed reading your posts about head coverings. Please keep posting about these things. I'm learning so much from you!

    Kim Chrisman

  2. Great news about the potty training and yes, she does look like a different kid, still gorgeous :)


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