Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Saint Mary's College of California Paper Editor Speaks About "Catholic" Identity

The graduating editor of my alma mater's newspaper, Michael Bruer, has written an editorial that hits the nail on the head addressing the greatest problem that Saint Mary's College of California faces. I strongly recommend reading the whole article on the paper's website!

As we grow steadily closer to graduation for some, and the end of the school year for others, I wanted to take one last look back at the school we all call home. For me, the journey began in 2006 when I enrolled as a Gael. Back then I did not realize to the full extent I do now some of the pitfalls of Saint Mary's College as well as some of its greater aspects.

Let me start by pointing out the troubling parts of our Lasallian Institution. First and foremost, our identity as a Catholic college is in name only. We have a Women's Resource Center (WRC) which is rumored to be sending young women to Planned Parenthood, an organization which is definitively and diametrically opposed to the Catholic Church. I concede that a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) does have good intentions, but from my experience and the anecdotes of others, I have found it to be a breeding ground for anti-Catholic sentiment. Events such as the BASH undermine the integrity of our school as a Catholic University. The organizers of the since extinct "Our Struggle is tied with yours" included members of the GSA as well as supporters of the WRC who asked for such things as gender neutral housing and condoms on campus. Both of these so-called demands not only ostracized the student body and faculty, but they also managed to demonstrate the clear lack of understanding of basic Catholic teaching.

To say that a glance at the speakers brought onto our campus over the years illustrates our liberal leanings is an understatement. Bill Ayers and Gloria Steinem are two excellent examples of the clear bias towards liberal speakers on our Moraga campus. Gloria is an outspoken advocate of abortion, while Bill Ayers, well, let's just say his track record speaks for itself: public bombings in the 60's and 70's with the Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolution group. A third controversial speaker brought to the campus on the Saint Mary's budget was Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, a woman whose most recent claim to fame was the leading question "Is President Obama more Catholic than the Pope?" in an article for Newsweek. The fact of the matter is, the administration of this school refuses to acknowledge their obscene bias, and more and more the most outcast members of the school are the Catholic students, professors, and faculty.

What does it say about a college when the alumni donations to the school come from less than 20 percent of the alumni? It is clear from this statistic that we are not pleasing either side of the spectrum....

Read the full article here.

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