Saturday, June 4, 2011

From the Combox: Headcovering Crusade? Part 2

This is the second post in a response to a reader in the combox who accuses me of being on a “crusade” against Catholic men. The first post can be found here.

My original post wasn’t about covering fulltime. As most of my regular readers probably know I don’t cover full time (I cover often, but not full time). I cover outside of Mass because I find it practical and because I do like to be covered when I pray. I cover in Mass for far more specific reasons (Please, if your going to slam this post in some way, actually read the links that explain my points, which were posted in the original post!). The author of the comment assumes that I’m encouraging women to keep their hair constantly hidden from their husbands (clue #27 that this may not be a regular reader hiding behind the “Anon” title).

Another point that stood out to me was the statement that maybe a husband didn’t want his wife to “wear dowdy” clothing. So in your mind, modest is synonymous with “dowdy.” It doesn’t have to be (and again, it’s more than a little insulting to those of us who’ve rejected the idea that we have to show every part of our body to every man who we pass by because that’s what women do these days).

Anon’s next point was that the Church does not even require that we cover or ask that we cover. It is true that it isn’t required. But I don’t think that a woman should be denied a private devotion that is strongly encouraged in the Bible and is clearly thought of by Saint Paul as being a very good thing.

And Anonymous, do you really believe that God would place a call in a woman’s heart that he did not believe that she should follow? You say:
“I doubt most Catholic husbands are monsters who order their wives about callously. Sometimes, we women forget that our husbands already take quite a bit of heat out in the world for being different, having large families, not going out with the guys, homeschooling, etc. They love their families and most of them married their wives with visible hair. I think making a concession for them on this matter would actually be a great kindness since it is one less challenge for them…"
First off, I have never implied that I think Catholic husbands are monsters who order their wives about (sign #36 that this likely isn’t a regular reader…). I resent the implication that either my post or my blog implies that in any way. You can log your apology in the combox for projecting your own thoughts from elsewhere on my blog. Anyways, back to the point…

We are called to heroic virtue if we are to become saints. The only real tragedy in this life is to not become a saint. Did you ever consider that perhaps a woman’s calling to cover was a challenge from God for both the woman and her husband to grow in their faith. This isn’t supposed to be easy for any of us. If it is, then we aren’t on the right path. Think about what they say about the easy and wide path in the Bible. It doesn’t lead anywhere good...

To be continued in Post Three...


  1. I must agree Cam, easy it is not. In fact I get slack from my own mother and my long time family friend and former priest. He has frequently told my mother he is worried about me because my husband has "pushed" me to cover my head at mass. (If anyone knows me they'd know that getting me to do something I don't want to do is nearly impossible.) Wearing skirts and dresses is another point of contention. But we just won't go there.

  2. just reading this now. you are so right in all you are saying! i am not a catholic but i do cover and i agree with your points! don't let them get you down-God is Who matters. :)

  3. We are called to virtue.. that is the key..

    Virtue! The virtue of modesty! It is a virtue...

    How few there are who love it and understand it.. but it is so, so very very good..


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