Monday, June 6, 2011

Headcovering: As Part of a Conversation with God...

The Headcovering Conversation has continued in the combox’s of the headcovering posts and I am trying to keep up and respond to all the wonderful, insightful comments! Whether I agree with you or whether we have a difference of opinions the conversation has stayed respectful and had definitely given us all food for thought.

One of the most positive aspects of blogging for me, is realizing that there are quite a few women out there who are having similar experiences and making similar choices, even when I don’t see anyone who fits in that category on a daily basis.

One of the debates that has come up in the combox is whether or not I believe that headcovering is a vocation. My response is simple and straightforward: Absolutely not!

Yes, the language is similar. In this life our vocation is who it is that we are called by God to serve. Whether or not we are going to be able to say “yes” to our Vocation is one of the great questions that we answer in our lives.

However, when we say “yes” to our vocation the communication from God doesn’t come to an abrupt end. Our lives are a conversation with God. Each choice is a yes or a no. And in different ways, if we don’t resist, He draws us to Him.

Some of us are called to cover during this conversation. It’s nothing spectacular. It’s often rather stressful. And I imagine, if I’d been a bit more… cooperative… the call wouldn’t have had to become so insistent. I might not have even noticed it.

Others don’t feel it as a prodding at all. They recognize the beauty of this tradition on their own. They logically accept the beauty of the practice of veiling in the presence of Christ without any extra… encouragement. To me there’s something exceptional and beautiful about that. It is a logical choice to embrace a beautiful practice that may cause you to stand out, because you realize exactly what it means. I think that’s fantastic and beautiful!

Being called to cover is not a vocation. It’s not even comparable with a vocation. It’s a part of our conversation with God, in which God asks a question, directly to our hearts and we say yes (or “no.. no... no… no… fine. I’ll do it… Wow that was a great idea!” in my case). Not all of the things that are asked of us are grand. Sometimes they are quite small.

So cover because you are called to and you just can’t ignore that pull upon your heart. Or cover because you see the beauty of honoring God in this devotion. Or wear your head bare, because that’s okay too (I find myself coming back to that in each post… just in case you missed this post… it’s not required!)!

And hopefully that’s my last headcovering post for a while! I think we’re due for something a little lighter, although I am thankful for all the blogging… inspiration… I’ve been given after last week’s case of blogger’s block.

I think I need to create a new recipe!


  1. I'm a newer follower thanks to the Circle Moms list, and I just wanted to let you know that I've been loving this dialogue that you've had going on this issue. I don't currently cover but the thought has crossed my mind...I feel guided more toward the headband style covering, as something to remind me of the presence of God constantly as my Head and in my heart, and it's definitely something that I'm still in prayer about. I just wanted to let you know that I think you're very brave and very articulate about this issue, and I wanted to thank you for being so transparent about it, even in the face of criticism or questions.

    Gretchen @ The Proverbs Thirty-HUH?! Woman

  2. AH! I'm so behind! For some reason, Safari would tell me you had new posts but when I went to the feed, I couldn't see them. I'm days behind!

    So, having just read all the recent headcovering posts, here is my 2 cents:

    It seems like covering might be considered "a call within a call" as Mother Teresa put it. She was called to be a religious and then, within that vocation, called to serve "the poorest of the poor." Some people are called to marriage or the single life but then, within that vocation, are called to counsel women in crisis pregnancies or collect food for the homeless, etc. There are various forms of ministry and devotion that could be called a "call within a call" that would fit within one's vocation.

    I don't cover. But it is something I keep coming back to. Maybe I am being asked to cover and am in that "yeah, some day" phase. I keep thinking of picking a date like you did but no date seems far enough away and no date seems soon enough either. In short, no date seems right. LOL

    I know very devout women who cover and very devout women who don't. It kind of baffles me why it is an issue that would provoke any hostility. Pray a rosary. Pray a chaplet. Pray the Divine Office. Pray covered. Pray uncovered. Pray standing. Pray kneeling. Pray prostrate. It is still prayer.

  3. Gretchen- And I'm your newest follower! I'm so glad I discovered your blog! Nice to meet you!

    Katherine- I love your comment. I really don't understand the hostility either. But it seems like it's almost inevitable when it comes up on the forums...

    There's been quite a debate going on in one of the other comment sections and your quote of "a call within a call" really sums up what I was trying to describe!


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