Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just Another "Man with Breasts..."

Even in college, when I was a crazy out-there communist being indoctrinated by incredibly liberal professors, I had a problem with feminists.  Or more specifically I had a problem with the form of feminism I saw being touted as a wonderful solution for all of humanities problems.  I had friends who thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread, and I was always more than willing to hop on the what's-trendy-on-the-far-far-left bandwagon, but as I read modern feminist authors in my gender politics class I found myself frowning quite a bit.

Now I should stop and give my standard disclaimer.  I'm very thankful for those women who gave us the vote.  And who worked to rip down barriers so that I could try to be whatever I wanted to be (although I roll my eyes a bit since many feminists seem to think that that means I've wasted my life with the decision I actually made and love).

However at some point the writings we poured over just descended into angry rants in which "empowered" women are placed on pedestals as the epitome of humanity and men become things regarded with a slight level of disdain, even in their most "enlightened" form.

The thing is, that even back then, when I was basically enthusiastically drinking the kool-aid and believing every word my professors handed down from their podiums, this struck me as wrong.  Very wrong.  Which is why I went the communist route.  Because at least communists seemed to care about everybody.  And besides, my favorite professor of all time was a communist.  (Don't worry.  I obviously outgrew that phase too!)

This morning I read an article by Simcha over at NCR that reminded me exactly why the feminist thought we were force fed at my "Catholic" college, was so distasteful to me.  State Representative Babette Joesephs announced at a rally to protest pre-abortion ultrasounds that the female legislators who don't oppose the bill must be:  "men with breasts."  To be exact she said:
"I don't understand it... I don't believe they're really women... I believe they're men with breasts."
And apparently she didn't just say it once.  She said it twice.

Simcha writes a great response (that also happens to sum up the problem that I had with modern feminism even when I was a bat-poo crazy college student):
"The representative’s crass phrase, “men with breasts,” shows a level of contempt for women which is hard to countenance.  In her view, woman are made of two things: breasts, and the freedom to kill. 
But the thing that strikes me about her remarks is how anti-man they are—not just anti-pro-life-man, but anti-men-in-general.  Calling your opponent “men with breasts” implies that all men are, by definition, the enemy.  It’s like saying “the devil in disguise” or “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”  It assumes that the worst thing you can say about a woman is that she’s like a man." 
Read more here.

It's odd because some women seem to have spent quite a bit of energy encouraging women to act exactly like men.  They've worked to free us from those pesky moral qualms of conscience and they tell us that it's great to act like men, to go out and have one night stands, to sleep with whoever you want, because if men can do it, so can we!  Instead of extolling men to rise above a basically accepted stereotype in our culture, they've dragged women down into the mire and told us we're free to wallow. 

But at the same time they denigrate men when it's convenient (as it apparently is for representative Joesephs) and let us know what they really think by showing that they feel that it's insulting to be placed in the same category with them.  

They've told us that we can divorce our body from it's natural functions without consequence and when that doesn't work they tell us that murder is an acceptable solution to the end life that's formed when nature follows it's course regardless of our meddling.  

Embracing our bodies as they naturally are means we're somehow less feminine to this particular line of thought embraced by women who would very much like to tell us exactly how we are supposed to live our lives.

I'll admit that it's odd to me that there's so much fuss over these ultrasound bills.  "Forcing women to have ultrasounds!"  they screech.  "What's wrong with you!  Rapist!  Rapist!"  And ignore the logical response of:  "Hold on.  Women have ultrasound when they're having abortions.  What's wrong with requiring the doctor to ask the woman if she wants to see the screen before he begins cutting up her child, so she can actually have an option to have an understanding of what it is she's doing, before she does it."  

Unfortunately logic doesn't often come into play much when hysterical ranting takes their argument so much farther.  

Come on Philadelphia!  You can do better than Representative Joesephs, can't you?

But what do I know?  I'm just a man with breasts and a pregnant baby bump, right Representative Joesephs (and all those fun first trimester hormones that help me to write exactly what I'm thinking surging through my veins!)? 


  1. Great post! What I think is so laughable and ironic is that she lambasts us (women who act like and are proud to be all woman, all the time) as "men with breasts" but in all reality, the real "men with breasts" are the women who have severed their fertility with pills, patches, shots, and finally sterilization. It's a head-scratcher.

    I like your new layout too!

  2. I haven't reviewed all of the ultrasound bills, because frankly, c'est ne pas mon affaire. However, the one that I did briefly look at, in Virginia, mandates such a level of detail as to virtually require a transvaginal ultrasound, which is where most women take contention. I would think that in a system where you have to pay for every procedure, the government mandating an unnecessary one would cause a certain amount of consternation. Sort of like the law mandating that you buy insurance.

    I dunno. The way I see it, if you're willing to have tools inserted vaginally to have your pregnancy aborted, you should be willing to have a probe inserted to determine gestational age. While I respect the desire to have the state pay for the ultrasound, I consider that a matter of compromise rather than a matter of morals. As with many religious proscriptions, what is moral and what is legal are not necessarily coherent.

  3. Addendum to the previous: Also, viewing the ultrasound is a requirement. There's no "asking" involved. Whether that should or shouldn't be is an open question.

  4. Everything I've read said your asked. And you would be having an ultrasound anyway if you're having an abortion, so... I don't see that part as a violation if it's already going on. I'd be frightened if there was a doctor who was going in blind without being able to see what they were doing. So it's not like it's an additional ultrasound (sorry that's more liberal nonsense).

  5. Well, fully and freely admitting that it's not my field, and I haven't really read into legislation (I seem to have precious little time for it with the city elections coming up, plus midterms). This is yet another example of why leaning on just one source of information is a faulty way to form a world view.

    Any suggestions for a good, non-Limbaugh balance to Maddow?

  6. Totally agree with you, totally agree with Sarah (above). I'm not understanding why modern "feminists" spend so much time envying men and wanting to become more like them at the same time that they tear them down. It seems to me the obvious solution to the "men are idiots" stereotype is to raise our boys to be real men!

    (Side note: this whole dealio is why I've NEVER viewed men as "the enemy", but have ALWAYS been wary of man-hating, life-hating women who hide under the umbrella of "feminism".)

    Favorite line from your post: "Instead of extolling men to rise above a basically accepted stereotype in our culture, they've dragged women down into the mire and told us we're free to wallow."

  7. From what I've heard, the TV ultrasound is STANDARD for determining gestational age.

    And really, Cam--you set your family size with no interference by artificial hormones and live according to what YOU think is right, not the latest feminist cause of the week. How are you not empowered?


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