Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

For the past week I kept reminding myself that Saint Nicholas' Feast Day was just around the corner and that I needed to get to the store and find some gold foil covered chocolate coins.  Then yesterday rolled around and I completely forgot that the feast day was less than 24 hours away.  Three or so times.  

That's right, I would bring up my facebook page and see what everyone else was planning and think:  "Oh!  Saint Nicholas' Day!  I need to email Paul, who has ever so conveniently 'lost' his phone right before finals, and ask him to stop by the store on the way home and pick some up!" and then, upon turning away from my computer (having not emailed my husband) I would immediately forget that it was in fact the sixth and that there was something that I really needed to do.  

I remembered after he rushed out of the house last night to return to the library to work on a paper due today and sent off an email asking him to swing by the store, if he wasn't too exhausted when he stumbled out of the library at 3 am.  

This morning I found gold chocolate coins in the kitchen (yay!  Daddy came through!) and quickly filled the girls snow boots.  Then I put them out during breakfast and voila! I have hyper children who started there morning with pumpkin oatmeal and spinach eggs (the two favorite breakfast foods of the moment... Mae loves the former and Sadie loves the later)... and chocolate!

On another note, I've really been enjoying the Catholic Meme's websight as this particular feast day approached.  I don't know what it is, but the image of Saint Nicholas punching Arias in the nose when he proposed that Jesus wasn't in fact divine, is one that just sticks with me.  Maybe it's especially amusing after almost making it through an entire National Catholic Fishwrap article that blathered on and on about female ordination and how obviously if a call was recognized by the community it was valid (gag!).  Because the community is the one who determines truth, right?  I mean, we can all just take a vote and decide that something is totally the truth today (Double gag!).  Anyways, I digress.  

I just had to share a few of my Saint Nichlas Day favorites with you:

Now to take the girls and go on our daily icy get-all-your-wiggles-out-by-walking-until-you're-exhausted walk!

Have a wonderful feast day!

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  1. Wait a minute! That last poster of Nick seems like the story I just posted about that I find kind of fishy. Now you make me wonder if it's really true.


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