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Wife.  Mother. Catholic. Blogger.

Eventually I'll get the About Me page finished!

Now for everybody else:

(The Husband)

He's my Massachusetts born and raised husband.  After he finished his Master's in Theology he began Law School.  He's recently opened his own law firm here in Mid-Michigan.  He cheers for all the New England teams and didn't appreciate my jokes about any of those teams losing when we first met (I have since learned that the possibility of the Red Sox losing is not a joking matter).

(aka Sadie Kate)

Sadie is somehow already eight years old.  She loves ballet, Pok√©mon, and her Chihuahua Tony.  She also loves going to school and tells me that her favorite "brain" subject is math, although it can't quite edge out PE as her favorite time of the day. 

Margaret Rose
(aka Maggie, Mae Bae, Mae)
Because when you have a big sister, there's a good chance that she's going to give you a whole bunch of nicknames...

Maggie is six and is constantly on the go.  She loves mermaids, roller skates and art projects and has never met an adventure that she wasn't ready to meet head on.  She is a master escape artist and I'm convinced that someday she'll test out security systems to expose their weaknesses.  She is an expert at destroying locks. 

(aka Boomer.  Patch.)

Patch turns four in November.  He's a proud big brother and he always knows what's going on with any given member of the family at any given time.  He alerts me into any "adventures" Maggie's getting into and is constantly following Sadie around the house calling her "Sadie Kate."  He and "Jamsey" are also pretty inseparable.  

(Buddy, Baby Brother, Grumpy Baby, Jims, Jamsey)

I know, I know... I needed to update that picture.  But I just couldn't bring myself to take down the James is outraged picture so I decided to leave it and add the current picture below:

James will be two in October.  He is incredibly sweet and easy going, although he does have a reputation for grumpiness since he makes the funniest faces whenever my phone is pointed in his general direction.  He loves running around with his brother and sisters and giving Tessie kisses.  He does not love it when Tony the Chihuahua steals food out of his hands.

Mary-Therese Philomena
(aka "Tessie")

Tessie is quite possibly the calmest baby in the entire world.  At three weeks old she decided to start sleeping through the night and at two a half months old she's consistently sleeping 10 hours at a time.  Since we don't do sleep training I have no idea how this happened.  I only know that right now I'm feeling very, very lucky. 


  1. Why is Paul holding a possum in that picture???

    1. We were visiting a petting zoo in Oregon! Although whenever I look at it I think that the opossum's eyes look none too happy about being held!

  2. I know this is kind of an odd question, but I was looking around your blog, noticing that you were head coverings to Mass. Do you attend Latin Mass? (You usually don't find head coverings in English Mass!)

  3. Hi Marian, I don't think it's an odd question at all. Right now we attend the ordinary form and I do cover at it (although I usually don't wear a chapel veil, just because Mae is so grabby and would yank it, comb and all, off my head). We had attended the EF for a long time, but our littlest is allergic to incense and the local EF is in the crypt of the cathedral with a super low roof... so that was the end of the EF for us for the time being!

  4. What are your thoughts on skirt wearing?

  5. You are a very sweet and touching family!

  6. Love this but...aren't you missing one, here? :0)


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