Friday, February 26, 2016

20 hours of sleep and mermaids on the walls

It's 8 pm here in the Eastern Time Zone and Maggie has been asleep for about seven hours.

She kept saying "cheese" and then standing and waiting for me to take her picture this morning before taking her every-morning-mermaid-bath.
She came home sick from therapy today (they knew she was really, really sick when she put her lunch away... apparently lunch is a big deal for Maggie) and after insisting on laying down in Patch's pirate ship bed, she finally went to sleep in her own little mermaid cave.

It looks like this:

Every time I tuck her in she has me rehang the light blue mermaid sheet while singing "Under the Sea" from the Little Mermaid (the only part of the movie she likes).

I think the Under the Sea Bunk Bed Cave helped block out the light so that she could get some sleep since there are currently no curtains in that very bright bedroom (because someone likes to hang on curtain rods and bend/break them).

With any luck she'll get the 18-20 hours of sleep she seems to need when she's sick and hopefully wake up feeling better in the morning.

In other Maggie news, I got the take a quick trip to Labor and Delivery yesterday (Baby's fine.  I'm fine.  But I was sobbing.. Sobbing when the nurse at my OBs sent me in... and when I arrived.  Thankfully I do not have a kidney stone (which is what everyone was thinking, including me), and everything should be fine after a nice long course of thrice a day antibiotics, which are already making me feel like I can do something other than curl up in bed.  I was briefly afraid, because of the terrible back pain, that I was in labor.  But thankfully, no.) and when I came home Maggie had made me a picture.

On the wall.

In the dining room.

If you know Maggie's artwork you may have already noticed that there are three rather detailed mermaids in this picture, some waves, the water level of the ocean at the top and two carefully drawn M's, because she wanted everyone to know who the masterpiece belonged to.

When Patch saw me looking at it he ran over and said "It's okay Mommy!  Mermaids underwater!  In the ocean!" and then requested that I take a dozen pictures of him posing in front of the mermaids.

In other Maggie news, the last time we were leaving OT we stopped and looked at a sign on the way out that said "parking ramp."  I pointed to the word and Maggie said "pa-ing" followed by "P-A-R-K-I-N-P" (I guess lower case g's can look like p's) and then "R-A-M-P."

Now to steal a little sleep, just in case she does decide that it's morning at 1 am!

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  1. Nothing quite like those wall masterpieces. Any time my older girls leave a pencil unattended my son gets to work writing on the walls and doors. He did a nice large pencil drawing on the family room wall sometime in the past day or so.


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