Tuesday, August 9, 2016

6 Weeks and a Smile

She'll be six weeks old tomorrow and I'm finally getting about 10% of her smiles. 

Previously 100% of her smiles were directed at the ceiling fan, which let's face it, is still the recipient of 9 out of 10 smiles around here.  Babies love ceiling fans.  What can I say? 

I do totally use it to my advantage though, when I'm folding laundry and she wakes up and is about to cry . If the ceiling fan isn't already on I quickly flip the switch and it immediately catches her attention and most of the time it makes her one happy baby.

All the kids love her but Patrick and James were especially enchanted this morning since she was wearing a Minnie Mouse dress and they think that all things related to Mickey Mouse are wonderful. 

And I realized that Maggie allowed me to start putting her hair up and started wearing a bow the same week I started putting a little bow in Tessie's hair.

Tessie is quite the trend setter around here. 


  1. My kids loved ceiling fans too - I can't imagine what they see when they're that little and the fan is so far up! Your daughter is just beautiful - and she's so lucky to be surrounded by so much love!
    I hope you've recovered smoothly!

  2. So nice to see a smile so early! What an angel,


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