Tuesday, August 23, 2016

First Day

Someday I will accept that getting my kids to look at the camera at the same time and smile is impossible. 

Today is not that day. 

I tried.  I really did. 

I had this perfect first day of school picture in my head.  All the kids were in it when I imagined it, but Maggie sprinted to the car and wanted nothing to do with my picture taking.  So I convinced these two to pause on their rush to get to the car.  Kind of. 

Smile guys.

Okay can you both look at the camera.

Okay good.  Real smiles!  Happy smiles!  We're going to school!

Over here!  Look at the camera!  Could you stand a tiny bit closer to each other?  Maybe hold hands?

Or maybe not.

Seriously guys.  Just one picture.

Not bad.  But could you maybe scoot a little bit closer?


They had  great first day and can't wait for tomorrow. 

And the only person who cried about dropping these two off?

If you guessed James you would be correct. 

Two more years buddy.  Two more years.


  1. Ha! Getting them to pose for the camera at that age is so hard! Mine are 12 and 13 and while they will do what I tell them for the camera, they do so with a lot of eye rolling and sighing! I hope your kids have a great school year!

  2. LOL love it. If it helps, my Mom used to post that kind of photo sequence in our photo albums, and I still treasure them. They portray so much more than the 'perfect' line-up photo ever could. Your kids look so happy, and their personalities come across so warmly. You can feel their real joy, rather than 'hey, smile for the camera!'. Not that I have anything against that kind of thing, either - they can be fun to compare year-to-year, for example - but this was really special. Sadie especially looks so, so happy. I'm so glad that you found a school for her. :0)


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