Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Feast of All Saints 2015

We celebrated the feast of All Saint's with some last minute costume creations. 

I'd been telling myself for most of October that I'd have time to throw something together, but on Halloween I had a sudden burst of energy and sewed a costume for Patch, discovered that the one I'd planned on James wearing didn't fit, and sewed a costume for him to wear as well.  

Here's Patch trying on his costume moments after it came off the sewing machine,  I had nothing that fit him in the Saint Costume Box and so it was made from scratch:

There was cake, because nothing convince my littlest ones that a feast day is important like cake:

And here they are as a group who just won't stay together for even two seconds to get their picture taken.  Despite Sadie's best efforts.  Can you guess who's who?  (I'll tell you below the picture)

Maggie was dressed as Saint Therese. Patch was Pope Saint John Paul II, Sadie was Saint Bernadette and James went as Saint Francis.

James, as shown through all the pictures, was not a fan of his costume.

Lily was the Wolf from the story of Saint Francis and the Wolf:

Okay, so it was more or less a photography fail, but they had so much fun dressing up as some of their favorite saints.  I do believe that it helps the stories that we've read and the saints who's intercession we've asked for come alive in their minds!

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