Thursday, July 14, 2016

Annery's Handmade Rosary Roses

When I first saw that Annie of Annery at Home was making rosary roses at her shop Annery's Handmade, I knew that they would be perfect for any of kids in our house. 

In case you've never heard of rosary roses, they're soft roses that can be held in a child's hand, often while they're learning to pray the rosary.  The one's that Annie makes are made of soft, beautiful cotton and they were a hit the moment the kids laid eyes on them. 

When I was given the chance to review a complementary set I jumped at the chance and when they were arrived they were every bit as soft and perfect for little hands as I'd imagined they would be:

I gave them to Sadie, who had just made her first communion and who has loved the rosary since she was small.  I knew that she would love the idea of rosary roses and that she would benefit from having something to hold in her hand while she was praying the rosary. 

The second she opened the package she had to use them: 

And while she was focused on praying I was snapping pictures so that I could share what a hit they were here.

However the pictures I really should have snapped were the ones of Patch trying, for weeks after they arrived, to steal the roses from Sadie.  He found them every bit as wonderful as Sadie did and made a point of sneaking into my room (where Sadie kept them to try to keep them out of little rosary rose swiping hands) so he could have rosary rose time. 

These roses are such a good idea for any little (and not so little) kid, but I would also especially recommend them for kids with sensory issues.  They're made with 100% cotton yarn, so they're soft, and they just have a nice weight for holding and squeezing.  They also give small hands that might not be ready for little tiny beads something more solid to hold onto. 

So if you're looking for a wonderful gift for a child in your life I highly recommend these (and Annie's shop!).  They definitely have the seal of approval from the kids in our house! 

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