Monday, July 11, 2016

Tessie's Baptism

On July 3rd, at five days old, Mary-Therese Philomena was baptized at our parish. 

And because of a certain sibling the event was not without a mermaid incident.

I should have known as I navigated the center aisle, that something was amiss.  And knowing Maggie and the fact that she'd had two little mermaid dolls clasped in her hand as she approached the baptismal font... I should have known what the problem would be:

Thankfully the deacon was incredibly good natured about the whole situation as he fished out the mermaids.

Meanwhile I rushed over and changed Tessie out of her church clothes...

And into her baptismal gown.  I hadn't had time to quite finish sewing the last buttons on during the move, but with the help of a safety pin it worked.

Her Godparents were represented by proxies (and say a prayer for a special intention if you have a moment!):

Welcome to the Church, Mary-Therese Philomena! 


  1. That is quite the name! And it is likely not the worst thing they ever had to fish out of the baptismal pool. Sounds like a lovely adventure. I love seeing babies baptized sooner rather than later.

  2. Oh, those mermaids in the baptismal pool! I love that! That is a picture worth saving forever and ever, along with the story of how they got there. It's family history...those funny stories that people love to tell and retell and new family members love to hear: the day Maggie's mermaids were baptized. Oh yeah, and Tessie too. :-)
    God bless. ~ Bonnie

  3. You did an amazing job on the gown. It's so beautiful and so is your lovely little one. Those must be some holy mermaids Maggie has now!

  4. The last picture is definitely frame-worthy. She looks just like a doll! Welcome, little Child of God!


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