Sunday, April 29, 2018

A New Name, Updates, and a DITL

First off, with Tessie going to therapy, and things sort of settling into a normal schedule again, I am hoping to start writing out one long (not super long but like, normal long, as in not super short) written blog post a week again. I'm planning on picking a day of the week and making it a regular post at a regular time that I can do the night before and schedule.

I want to start this week, and it will be filled with much of what's in the vlogs, for people who like the written format better, but I'm not sure if it will be completely regularly weekly until the end of May, because of what I'm talking about in the first video down below (the one with the red background).

The reason is that between the two of us, Tessie and I, are heading to the hospital six times in May. I'm going under general anesthesia twice, and she's going under at least once.  And she's making at least two big trips to the children's hospital this month.

I will put those updates in my end of the week reports (for those who want to know sooner, they'll be in the vlogs first).

And that's the latest!

Oh and it finally appears to be spring here in Michigan!

I hope!

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