Friday, April 13, 2018

An Unexpected Call from Her Neurologist

This has been kind of a rough week.

And yesterday was a rough day in a rough week.

Last night as I lay in bed I realized that I'd really been so relieved when we went to that neuro appointment and there had been nothing big... not more appointments, nothing added on.

I am really, really grateful that her doctor is thorough.  I am really grateful that he went over her chart  and called that children's hospital.  And I'm really grateful that he called me back and talked me through this.

But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm also really down about it too.  Because the rebound from "no appointments for a year" to "sedation and having to intubated...." is kind of tough.

I knew going in that this was a possibility and that this was coming up.  And it will be good to know that her little brain is good and is okay and nothing has gotten worse.

It's just getting there that's hard because sedating her is always extra scary.

In other news I also threw in how I didn't get my biopsy earlier this week, but now have a D&C (no miscarriage and biopsy coming up either this week on next week under general anesthesia).  So.  Lots going on.  And lots of updates.

Although my favorite part at the end is totally where Sadie tells us about the "football player" pushing her UPSIDE DOWN on the swing.

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  1. Oh goodness, we’ll be praying! Those sedated MRIs and endo biopsies are no fun.


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