Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Our Last Day in California

I realized that I haven't posted a lot of the pictures I snapped this summer, and I wanted to share a few from our last full day in California. 
We started the day with a trip into town for Mass:

After Mass we took the kids by the local school that they played at this summer:

And then we made a quick stop by a local Buddhist temple that counted as part homeschool field trip, and which had some beautiful views of the mountains:

Paul and I got to go on a quick date lunch and then we hurried back for a trip to the river.  It was the first time Maggie had set eyes on the river in more than two years.

Patch was our super cautious one:

James wasn't a huge fan of the river trip.  The girls on the other hand definitely were.

When we got home there was a bubble bath waiting:

And then a tri tip barbeque on the porch! 
It was the perfect last day before our long drive home! 

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