Saturday, June 18, 2016

From the Threenager...

Me:  “Patch could you please get down from the table.  We don’t lay on top of tables.”

Patch (to himself, very, very quietly) “No.”

Despite his response he began to climb down off the table almost immediately.  At the same time James climbed down off my lap and hurdled across the room over to Patch.  James, was not quite nineteen months on this particular day and he has quite the temper. 

The second Patch’s feet touched the ground, and before I could move an inch from where I was sitting, he reached up and slapped Patch on the top of the head.  Patch looked at James, totally bewildered and this conversation followed.

Patch:  “James.  You is evil.” 

James:  (pushes Patch)

Patch:  “No baby!  You is evil James.”

James: (bursts into tears and falls to the ground, because of course, he's at the stage where anyone simply saying the word "no" can cause waterworks) 

At which point I actually had waddled over to where they were, scooped up James and explained again that we don't hit (hysterical tears always follow these explanations, no matter the tone) and cuddled Patch until all was forgotten and Patch was back to making his usual “Look at James, Mommy. He so cute!  Baby is so cute!” comments. 

Sadie and I were trying to figure out where Patch’s sudden use of the word “evil” was coming from (he used it again when I asked him to do something) and finally figured out that it, along with saying “excuse me Mother” nearly every time he spoke to me (and calling me “mother” instead of “mommy) started the day after he watched 101 Dalmatians while we were driving around town doing errands in the van.  
I suspect his new favorite word came from his new favorite puppy movie.


  1. So cute...
    My nephew, who is also named Patrick (although he is 35 now), somehow picked up the word "aye" for "yes" when he was first learning to speak. We never knew where it came from and finally decided it was from his genetic Irish heritage (he was adopted).

  2. Joseph didn't start "speaking" intelligibly til he was 30 months (peer modeling a big sister with autism ftw) and his first favorite movie was Cars which he woke me up every day with "Watch Cars Mama?!" I was desperate to get him to watch something else and struck gold with "Puppies" (aka the 1961 Disney version of 101 Dalmatians). That meant that at least once a week I hear "Watch Puppies Mama?!" instead of Cars. :) Now it's all Jurassic World and the original Jurassic Park trilogy and at almost 9, he's in heo worship mode for Chris Pratt movies (including the five minutes I let him watch of Zero Dark Thirty which was all pre -Seal Team Six entering the compound). It really does go by too fast!


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