Friday, June 17, 2016

Introducing the Newest Member of the Family...

The baby is, at the moment, still staying put.  However our family did grow a tiny bit today.

A few weeks ago, after a series of days that felt like minor (and not so minor) disasters, Paul was dropping Maggie off at therapy when he texted me and asked me if we could get a puppy.

I said of course not.  But, then I agreed to go see the puppies.  I knew I wouldn't be tempted to take one home.  The puppies were chiuahuas and I'd never thought chiuahuas were all that cute.  And then I saw them.  And they were darling. 

Today that little puppy that Paul and the kids picked out a month ago was big enough to come home.  Paul picked out the name (which has a long story behind it) and called him Tony Pena.

And so he accompanied us all over town today while we were doing major moving errands and anytime anyone got fussy I only had to show them little Tony and they were immediately happy again. 

And Lily has met him and seemed to think that he was kind of interesting for about thirty seconds before she moved on with her day.

Kittyfish, on the other hand, thought that he was very, very interesting, and will only be having super supervised visits with the puppy until he's a little bit older.  Because I've seen that mouser look before and I don't trust it one bit!


  1. He is adorable!! Kittyfish will not be pleased when he starts to jump around and bark at her for fun... Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

  2. Chihuahuas are notorious for low blood sugar issues, so be sure to keep some soft doggy treats or little kibbles of food formulated for small dogs in a baggie with you when the dog goes places. These little ones need snacks.

    Your bigger dog is bonded to the family as it was, so everyone is under her protection; be very judicious about the introductions until it is clear that the little guy has come under her protection and is not seen as a threat (size doesn't always matter, and tiny dogs often missed the lesson on recognizing that other dogs are larger).

    She is cute.

  3. How sweet! And what a contrast in size between Lily and him! But one thing you might not know: Lily is going to take over the discipline of this little rascal when he gets a bit older. When I was a young adult my parents got a second dog, and the established dog took over the training of manners and do's and don'ts for the second dog. They didn't even have to do any housebreaking, and minimal training about where to sleep and stay. (The second dog just followed the lead of the established dog about food, going outside, and sleeping areas.) It really was great.

    Hope he turns out to be a great dog.
    God bless. ~ Bonnie


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