Friday, September 22, 2017

The Calendar

This spring I ran across a chalkboard calendar at Hobby Lobby.

It was pretty much love at first sight.  

I'm an INTJ and planning is sort of my thing.  I used to have mountains of notebooks.  

Now I have my chalkboard (and a small mountain of notebooks, after all my plans aren't limited to meal planning and old habits die hard).  

When I lugged it home Paul laughed and predicted that May 2017 would still be scrawled across the top two years from now.  

I was immediately determined to prove him wrong.

And so far I have.

It helps me to have a calendar of this size right there taking up large part of one wall in the kitchen.  

When I make my shopping list each week I look at it and base the list on what I see.  And if I don't have time to complete the meal I have planned for the night I can glance over the rest of the week and know that we have groceries for everything else scheduled that week and make a quick switch.

Now the calendar isn't binding (the number two question I've been asked after "where did you find it?").  

When leftovers start adding up, I make changes, blot out entire nights and use food before it spoils, or grab something because I already have it  made that will be quicker and easier.  

But on those days when I'm exhausted and have absolutely no ideas bouncing around in my head, the calendar is a lifesaver.  

And I enjoy taking one evening a month to decorate it while I brainstorm meal ideas and search for "chalkboard art" on Pinterest.  

Last month, during another trip to Hobby Lobby I came across a second chalkboard and realized that apparently chalkboard calendar's are a major weakness of mine.  Luckily I had a coupon.  

Now it's become our weekly event planner, which was especially important the first couple weeks of school when we were easing into a new schedule.

Now I'm a little impatient for the changing of the month into October when I have even more fall chalkboard decorating ideas in mind!


  1. The way you have the chalkboards...organization meets aesthetically pleasing! How can you write so neatly on a CHALKBOARD??? When I write on one, it looks like I must have used my foot.

    1. Chalkboard markers are definitely the only way it's possible! I got my first set at Hobby Lobby before discovering that there were far more options for far lower prices on Amazon! The biggest thing to look for is that they have a fairly fine point for doing meal planning, because the space is relatively small for fitting in all the meals. I use bigger chalk markers for the weekly schedule up that is above the calendar.

  2. I just bought this same calendar from hobby lobby and love it! I’m wondering if you’ve had any issues with the chalk markers leaving permanent marks or “ghosting”? What type of chalkboard markers do you use? Thanks!


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