Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Sleep Study and A Prayer Request

I wasn't planning on posting twice in one day, but Paul and James are gone right now and the house seems very, very quiet.

James had a lot to say about his sleep study and was very excited about it, but Paul texted and let me know that (as we anticipated) our super sensitive sensory boy is having a tough time being hooked up to all those wires.

I told the doctor I could not imagine a reality in which a sleep study would be possible for James and he said that they had kids with autism successfully do it all the time, so we should give them a chance.  I think our little bouncing three year old might give them a run for their money in this case.  He is stubborn to say the least.

He was so excited to talk about it though, and make a video watching himself talk about it.

But my favorite moment is at 4:45 when we were walking up the stairs and he asked me to do something for him while he was gone.

My heart!

So if you have a moment please say a prayer for our little guy tonight so that they can get accurate results.

The kid can't tolerate wearing socks.  I just don't know how they're going to get him to sleep with all those sensors on him.


  1. Oh the socks issue. I know someone who only wears Smartwool socks, and only their socks with the highest percentage of merino wool. Even summers in the south.
    Will absolutely pray for accurate results.

  2. Socks! The bane of my daughter's existence. At almost 19 years, my girl on the spectrum still hates socks with a passion. Only if it is freezing outside will she consider them - and never, ever wears them inside the house. Will definitely keep James in our prayers!


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