Sunday, February 18, 2018

Maggie's Wonderful Day at Equine Therapy

We've had so much snow and so many holidays lately that "Horse Class" as Maggie has dubbed her weekly Equine Therapy sessions, have been far less than weekly.  Yesterday morning when she woke up the first thing that she asked me was whether or not she was going to get to go.

No matter how I tighten that helmet (and it was on tight) she somehow tilts it back...
She did and she had an awesome time.  Sadie has lessons at the same time and Sadie's been working on posting while trotting.  Maggie surprised, and thrilled, everyone there, by starting to post on her own midway through her lesson and spending the last ten minutes posting.

I wish I'd caught more of it on camera (I thought I had, but I think I was too busy cheering for her when she went past!).  But you definitely see her do it a few times towards the end of the video, although not as consistently as we saw, when she was doing it all the way around the arena.

We're so proud of our mermaid.  And she had so much fun.  Her feet were definitely cold from he puddle stomping before lessons by the time we got home, (we were more than a little early) but there was no stopping here.

She loves puddle stomping almost as much as she loves riding Jack.


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