Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Very Tessie Introduction

I made fun little introduction video/interviews with the boys (and there's one with Sadie that I shared here a couple weeks ago when she gave us a tour of her room), that I ultimately want to put on the "Who's Who page at the top of the blog, once I've made one for each member of the family.

The boys loves them and have watched their own a bunch of times.

Although James managed to pick out Patch's comment about "making a video without my brother" at the end of his video (I think even I missed it) and was fairly furious when he heard it.

He has to do everything with Patch at the moment.  Which, relatedly, is probably why Patrick was so thrilled to do a video that was all his own.

But then James and I made his own video when Patch was at school.

And finally it was time to make one for Tessie.  But I was having a harder time making hers because I couldn't interview her since she only really says "mama" and only "mama" occasionally.

Last night I started watching old videos of Tessie and by the time I went to bed I had come up with this little Tessie montage, which goes through some of my favorite moments from the last year, along with some descriptions that I think really describe our favorite, daring little bunny:

I don't know what it is but that llama dress that she is wearing is one of my all time favorite pieces of toddler clothing ever.  It's just so Tessie.


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