Saturday, February 24, 2018

All About Paul

When you have kids dates, or even what you call dates, sometimes have to be creative.

Paul and I decided to declare out dentist appointments, which we discovered the night before happened to be at the same time at the same place, dates, because they involved two hours of uninterrupted conversation.

And he agreed to be interviewed on camera (a sort of ongoing joke between us since I started vlogging has been how he's pretty much silent whenever the camera is on and is then actually the louder/more extroverted of the two of us when it's off).

I laughed, a lot, especially on the drive home as I asked him questions and we chatted as we drove.

And when we stopped he said he didn't think I had enough footage and I laughed even more because I knew this was going to be a longer post even after I was finished with editing.

The end of our conversation, where the talk turned to Paul starting his own Youtube channel (Will it happen?  Was he serious?) was totally my favorite part.

So here it is, Paul talking about everything from work to books to life (and a quick tour of Ann Arbor before our dentist appointments):


  1. This has been my favourite video thus far - just awesome!!!!! Let us know what happens with the law notebooks - they'd be driving me crazy! I totally agree on the humidity as well and it is very telling what Paul said about family law. It is so sad. :( Thank you for letting us join you on your date!! LOL

  2. That is awesome in video. It seems to be popular among readers.


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