Monday, April 18, 2016

Time for a Relaunch

I haven't talked about my stores for a while because for the last 18 months the only thing in them has been the patterns for snood making that I sell.  

After five years of running my shops I was a little burnt out and with James' arrival and all the appointments my "little break" after he was born stretched on and on until I wondered if I would ever start making items for sale again.  

In the last few months I've gotten back into making things, and yesterday after talking with Paul, I decided to relaunch my shop.

There are going to be some big changes this time around.  I'm not planning on accepting custom orders at this point, because I've realized that a lot of the stress that caused me to close my shop came from very particular custom orders (the sort where I'd get 20+ emails describing exactly what a single snood needed to look like) and I'm hoping to avoid that this time while continuing to make things that I love and think others will enjoy.  

And I'm planning on keeping 100% of what's up in the store in stock, so there isn't any late night sewing of a dozen snoods that need to go out tomorrow.

The biggest change may be that I'm combing all my shops and Paul's shop (which I don't think I ever mentioned here) into one store.  

So far I only had time to work on it last night, so only a few of my favorite snoods and chaplets are up.  Today we'll be prepping Paul's items for a photo shoot and getting them up in the store, along with a few other new items I have in mind.  

At the moment most of the snoods I'm posting are the last of the fabrics I have.  The unbleached linen below is the very last of one of my most popular snoods, and I don't foresee making any more in the near future (it's one of those snoods I sewed many, many times, and at the moment I'm focusing more on making new products and posting the many snoods that have been hanging around that I already have made).  

So here's the latest!  I'm so excited to be sharing my work with you again!  

My favorite in pink!

This is one of my all time favorite cotton prints.

And this is one of my all time favorite snoods.  It's lace over silk and I love the way it holds it's shape!

The last of one of my most popular fabrics!
Rose dupioni and lace!

A chaplet for one of my favorite saints!

An Our Lady of Guadalupe Chaplet
A Saint Kateri Chaplet

A Single Decade Rosary Inspired by Sadie Kate

A Saint Anne Chaplet
Those are a few of what I've added yesterday... and as a hint about what Paul's been working on I'll show you this:

He opened an Etsy shop this summer, and sold out fairly quickly.  He's hard at work getting a new set of pipes ready to add to our new combined shop and I can't wait to see the finished products!

I'm hoping we can have them up and running tonight!

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