Monday, November 5, 2018

Cutting Off My Hair and Talking About Armchair Internet Psychologists

I can't really blame Maggie for the impulse to find a pair of scissors and chop of her hair every time it gets to her shoulders because last night I did the exact same thing.

I could wait until it gets long enough to tie up in a bun all the time again, because that's the only other way it doesn't drive me completely out of my mind all day long.

After having it irritate me every .2 seconds for the past week I knew that it was time for a change.

Even when I was getting ready to cut my hair it kept being staticky and sticking to my face every few seconds and I couldn't get this whole job done quickly enough.

Here's about two seconds before I started snipping away.

In my Halloween pajamas and penguin Christmas pants, of course.

In fact when I walked upstairs to show Paul he didn't even notice my hair because my pajamas were so distractingly "loud."

Now I was really committed. No turning back:

And I realized this morning when I went to write this that I had absolutely no normal photos to share for the blog.


I have this.

I've already found a few uneven pieces that I've fixed since I finished it. And I feel a thousand times better.

I guess I do understand Maggie's hair cutting impulses a little bit better.

And I probably should ask her if she wants me to cut her hair any time it starts getting near her shoulders...


In totally unrelated news this is a topic I've been meaning to talk about for a while because, being on social media and blogging for so long, it was something that I'd experienced a bit, and it was interesting to me.

And I know other parents with more verbal kids experience in their day to day lives all the time, not just on the internet:

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