Wednesday, November 7, 2018

She Used Her Words and Asked

The other day we were driving to Nani and Bopa's house for a typical Sunday lunch when suddenly a small voice from the backseat said:

"Go on the swing please?"

I turned around, surprised.


"Go on the swing please? Swim in the pool please?"

My parents do not have a pool. So she giggled after the second part and then said "swing please?" again. "Swing please?!?!" in case I hadn't heard the first three times.

I agreed and immediately texted my mom to tell her the news of the request, rejoicing that Maggie had used her words to ask for something that she wanted.

Because she has words. She has quite a few of them. But she doesn't usually use them to tell us things like how she's feeling or what she's thinking, of even what she wants beyond when she's hungry or when she wants to use the restroom or go to sleep.

Or demanding I script about Bubble Guppies.

And swinging on the swings is none of those things.

It was every bit as wonderful as she imagined it would be:

Even as pictures taken from the video they're all a little blurry because she was such a blur of motion the entire time she was outside having so much fun that she could hardly believe her luck.

I particularly love the almost upside down moment.

And then she got cold enough (even after I got another bigger jacket for her) that she told us she was finished and ready to go inside and so we did.

But we are definitely going to have to get in as much swinging as we can before it gets into the negative numbers temperature wise. Because our little mermaid is our least likely to brave the elements to spend more than a few moments outside when it's really cold.

So we'll swing as much as we can for now and have as many fun moments like this before the snow keeps her mostly inside for the winter. Or we'll see if the swing can tempt her to bundle up with the other kids to sneak outside!


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