Friday, November 2, 2018

On Flu Shots, Halloween, and Tessie Only Recognizing Me Sometimes

We survived all the rush and business of October, which I think is one of the busiest months of the year and I noticed something interesting about a certain Miss Tessie in the midst of all of the goings ons.

She only seems to recognize me when she expects to see me.

When I go to pick Tessie up from school, she happily runs to the door and focuses on me in the small group of parents and smiles hugely.

She'll run straight up to me now and lift up her hands to be picked up excitedly.  When I pick her up from OT she'll see me walk up to the door and the exact same thing happens. 

Joy and excitement are evident the second she focuses on my face.

But twice now I've showed up at places she didn't expect me to be and disrupted her regularly scheduled routine.

"Tessie! Hi Tessie!" I said. No response. "Tessie, Mommy's here." Nothing. I get down next to her and touch her arm. She looked at my face. No reaction. Totally blank. 

This has happened multiple times now. And each time, after talking to her, and touching her shoulder, and getting no response, I finally kissed her cheek.

And then she snapped to attention and turned her little head around fast and starred at my face.

And then she broke out into a huge smile and wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me excitedly.

Before that, even after looking straight at my face, she seemed to have no idea that I was there.

So I think we definitely have some facial recognition problems, where she can recognize those of us she knows well, if she's expecting us, but has a little bit more of a challenging time if we aren't in the situations that she expects us to be in.

When I kiss her it seems to help her recognize that it probably isn't her teacher or her therapist and then she finally realizes that it's me.

On a totally different note, Halloween was fun! 

Maggie loved being a doughnut and even marched in her schools parade this year, which wasn't something that she was quite up for last year, so that was pretty exciting! 

And I made a video about a subject that is near and dear to my heart!

Last week we went to the public health clinic to get our flu shots (because vaccines don't cause autism, not one little bit) and today I made a video talking about why flu shots are so important to me.

Once you've been hospitalized with the flu, it just isn't an experience that you soon forget!

And this video is a bit of me talking and a whole lot of our two nights of Halloween fun!

And this is just one random day with a whole lot of business!

Hope you all are having a great start to your November!

Can you believe it's already November?!?!

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