Thursday, July 23, 2015

{phfr} California Summer Edition

As our time in California draws to a close I've been snapping even more pictures of some of our favorite places.  One is a school that has a great playground that is almost entirely enclosed, that we love to play at:

Maggie loves twirling around on the cement looking up at the birds in the sky above her and giggling. 

I try not to notice that they're giant turkey vultures circling overhead.  
Sadie wanted me to chase her all over the playground to get her picture (as in yelling "Get me!  Try to get a closer picture!" as she would sprint off).  I got this one:
Patch has been reminding me of how different a parent with my third two year old than I was with my first.  
And James sat up yesterday for about twenty seconds with the help of a basketball.  

Patch is obsessed with basketballs at the moment.  He probably says the word basketball fifty times before ten am.  

But he abandoned playing ball with me and went to the corner to count to play hide and seek (he hides and counts loudly... not quite getting the concept just yet). 

I put the ball down and suddenly disaster struck (from Patch's point of view):

"We aren't playing with it anymore!" was met with outrage. 

Maggie put the ball down and did a little victory dance around it.  You know, pretending to be a bird and all.  Patch was not having it.

Maggie, who is totally indulgent with both her brothers and gives them just about any toy they want, watched as he raced over and, after a pause to see why he was so upset, kept doing her little bird dance.
Disaster averted.
You'd think I would learn, right? 

Group pictures just don't work around here.

I might they might be good for a laugh... but getting a picture to send to Grandma and a copy for Nani to put on the wall here?  Just not happening. 

Because I can dress them up... but... they're still the same kids.

Earlier this week I saw a sign that said "Please pardon the mess the children are making memories." But the "are making memories" part was crossed out and instead it said "feral" and I was like "I NEED THAT SIGN!!! FOR MY HOUSE!!!! I NEED IT!!!" and of course I didn't get it but I will say that the quote popped into my head when we were trying to take these yesterday and no one was cooperating. 

Ah well.  The pictures still make me smile.  Because this is so them. 
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  1. This is when you get a frame and create a large collage of the pictures because while not one is "perfect" together they tell the story of the whole photo shoot and the personalities and energies of the children together. I do that when I try to get a family shot of my hubby with the kids. Twenty of thirty images will usually result in an "acceptable" version, but the most fun is the 8 image grouping (set the pictures all over the page rather than in lines) ending with whichever is my favorite. It makes the portrait go from static to very active-- and I love it.

    Pictures are their best when the images communicate a story. (my last picture grouping, I had several of one child chasing another, and out of the bunch, I found several that were wonderful together-- and told the story of playing wildly in a field so much better than one picture alone.

    I also love closeups that catch an expression. I sprinkle those though the picture books too.

  2. What I love about this playground is that it's (almost) totally enclosed, so Maggie can run and run and you don't have to worry. It looks so spacious and with the grass to sit on and the room to run and play, and even "monkey" bars and a sand box, it seems ideal. And it doesn't look like there's anyone else around who might be bothered!

    Sorry this lovely summer is coming to a close. I imagine you all miss Paul and can't wait to be together again, but it seems like this time with your parents was a great respite from your daily routine.

    God bless. ~ Bonnie


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