Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Change of Plans

The last twenty four hours have been tough. 

We were supposed to fly to Boston early this morning for the study that Tessie's part of, which includes, autism testing there.  It's her 18 month visit.

Last night that flight was canceled.

Paul got on the phone and managed to get us moved over to two seats on a flight early Friday morning. And then we waited.

We got an email asking us to check in this afternoon and when I clicked to confirm it, the confirmation wouldn't go through.  Paul called to make sure that everything was fine and he was assured that it was.  

I had just finished repacking our bags, and was about to move Tessie's car seat over to Paul's car so that we could leave at 3 am, when my phone dinged.  

I glanced down and saw the words "flight canceled" flash across the screen not ten seconds after Paul told me that the woman at JetBlue had assured him that all was well.  

But apparently word must not have come down to her yet, that basically all the Friday flights were going to be cancelled too and we were out of luck.  

We're not really sure what is going to happen now.  Because I really want to find a way to get there.  I really would like to know how Tessie would do on an ADOS and Mullin now, instead of in ages, in August.

Nani and Bopa were here from California staying with the other kids while we flew with Tessie to Boston Children's and it is highly unlikely I'm going to figure out an alternate plan before they return home in a few days so... today was tough.  

The number of tears that followed that text were not insignificant.  I did not take that news super well.  This trip was kind of a big deal. And not going was/is... a big deal.

Out of all the days that I randomly picked a couple of months ago I had to pick the blizzard "bomb cyclone" week to schedule her appointment.   

There is so much coming up in the next few weeks, but I'm hoping we can figure out something quick out, even if it's just me and Super Tess. 


  1. Please just put this in the hands of God. I have a prayer I use when I am overwhelmed or nothing is working or I am facing something that seems impossible, I say, "Jesus, You take care of it." And then (I swear this is true) I stop worrying how it will work out. I just take normal courses of action and so many times, I promise you, things just fall into place.

    That's not to say a way opens where there seems to be no way, but somehow, I stop trying to orchestrate everything.

    You don't know why now this didn't work out, but it may be Providential, for reasons you don't know, and this is for the best.

    Here's a link to the prayer. Read it over, and try it. I found immediate relief from anxiety and worry with this. Whenever something looks like it's beyond me, I say this prayer just the "Jesus, You take care of it" part. I immediately relax.

    Novena of Surrender to the Will of God

    God bless. ~Bonnie

    1. Thank you, especially for the novena. I was trying to keep this in sight... oh but it's tough sometimes! It's a good reminder!

  2. (((hugs)))) I can only imagine your frustration and tears, I would have been the same way. MANY reasons to wish the consultation could have proceeded as planned.

    1. Thank you... I kept thinking "this time it will go right..." and then "nope." As we make new plans I'm a teensy bit nervous going forward.


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