Monday, January 22, 2018

Sunday Afternoon Fun

This might be my favorite Youtube video so far.  Paul and the kids haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet because it finished processing at eleven o'clock last night (I had fallen asleep an hour earlier and woke up and saw that it was uploaded and complete) and I typed a few words with half closed eyes and hit publish, because I was hoping to get it posted on the same night as the game.

I think what I love about it is that it offers a little glimpse into everyones personalities (well Paul's personality when a game is on), and it offers an eleven minute look at the energy level in our house on any given Sunday.

The highlights included Tess spinning around like a top, Patch doing a million summersaults (I didn't even get them all on video), and none of the kids being able to remember for more than two seconds who Daddy was cheering for.

For anyone who's interested, I won't be posting all of our videos here or on the blog Facebook page, just a few of my absolute favorites (I know I've been enthusiastically posting the last few days as I've got things started and it's all been so new, but now I'm giving the page it's own twitter (@coffeendcupcake) and it's own Instagram (@CoffeeandCupcakesFamily), and so now I am also giving Coffee and Cupcakes it's own Facebook page so that it wouldn't be annoying to anyone who wanted to follow the blog who wasn't interested in quite as many videos.

Now maybe I can get the kids to remember the name of Daddy's team before Superbowl Sunday...


  1. Great to see. Was nervous about who that team might be but -- yay! What a game. His mood in the middle reflected our family room as well, anxious, near despair, and finally overjoyed!!

    Not a Bruins fan?? Ah well, love following your family anyway ;-)

    1. He definitely likes the Bruins and Celtics too, he's just a little less passionate about basketball and hockey (although I think he not so secretly wishes he'd gotten started playing hockey when he was Patrick's age!). It was quite the game! I was getting nervous and thinking this might not be all that fun a video if they don't pull off a come back!


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