Friday, January 5, 2018

One More Update Before Sleep

Paul is the hero of the day.

He sat on hold for four hours this morning.

After the first two hours jetBlue picked up and he told them the situation, that our first plane had been grounded and we'd been moved to a second plane that had also been grounded and that now we'd missed our appointment in Boston.  

We had good news though.  We'd managed to get an appointment on the 13th.  Could they help us get a ticket so that I could get there with Tessie.

We'd be on our own now, he'd be staying home with the big kids, but at least she'd be seen and we wouldn't be waiting until summer for that ADOS.  

There was going to be an up charge for that, the woman on the phone after two hours said.  The thirteenth put us outside the travel window where moving our tickets would be complementary.

He asked to speak to a supervisor and while he waited he was cut off and the phone went back to a dial tone again.  

After four stressful hours on hold it was straightened out, without the additional fee and, barring any disaster, we're hoping to be there next week. 

I'm a little more nervous after everything that's gone wrong up until this point though.  

If there could not be any blizzards next weekend that would be really, really great.


  1. I'm close (in RI) Please let me know if I can help in any way. Even just sitting with you.

  2. Prayers going up. I'll offer Mass for your family coming up!


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