Thursday, March 8, 2018

Kicked Out of My 1st Facebook Moms' Group?

When I began this blog I was not good at avoiding online drama.  And I like to think I've gotten better at that.  I think I've gotten better at scrolling along past people I disagree with.  I've gotten better at clicking away when someone is wrong on the internet.

But one in a while the temptation is too strong... once in a while I'm in a popular Catholic Mom's group (CMBC for those in the know) and I read a post by an admin first making fun of a program teaching kids struggling to read to read, and then saying that moms of kids with disabilities were really one of the biggest problems in mom groups because they put their sensitivity above the needs of others to "laugh or find things ridiculous" (the full quote is in the vlog, word for horrid word).

And you guys I couldn't keep scrolling.  There were a lot of special needs moms in the conversation.  I had to say something.

I said that I thought that the biggest problem in moms group was a lack of compassion.

And well, the rest of the story is in the vlog.


  1. You were right to speak up. There are people who think education is a waste. My chief concern is the skills being taught. Some kids go to school and aren't being taught how to navigate a bus route or call 911 in an emergency. Basic life skills needed. Instead the student spends more time sitting in class with an EA doing all their work. It isn't even modified in some cases. I'm really disappointed that that's being called an acceptable education. It's just babysitting and it's an injustice for the student.

  2. So many thoughts.

    My friend's daughter had a hard time learning to read. The only way she would read was when she was in my backseat of my car. I'd drive miles out of my way so she would stay reading in the back of my car...and this was when gas was $4 a gallon. It was NOT cheap, but it was needed. If we had a dog she could read to, that would of been better for the environment.

    People need to stay in their lane. I know a mom who was obnoxious to severely special needs kids (too many resources needed) and to those who had milder needs than her child (helicopter parents). My kid has a decent speech delay. I HATE that people view that I am "wasting money" by being "impatient" when I should just wait for her to develop. You're right. The judgement NEEDS to stop. If professionals say that XYZ can help, that's the end of the story.

  3. You were right to speak up and thank you for doing so. It is terribly sad that there are people who think it is okay to make fun of people who struggle with disabilities for other issues. I have mild cerebral palsy and I know first hand how callous and cruel people can be.

  4. I'm a public librarian and we offer monthly "Read to a Dog" programs. They are very well-attended by kids of all reading levels. The bottom line is that reading aloud benefits ALL readers whether or not they need extra help. Also, parents participate in these programs with their kids--it's not like our therapy Corgi is replacing parental involvement. It's simply a unique way for kids to supplement their reading practice. I'm flabbergasted that the admin of your mom's group would disparage these programs. Also, at least in my library, these dogs and their handlers are volunteers. They cost the library exactly zero dollars, thanks to the good-hearted dog handlers who share their time and investment with their community. I think this is a lesson that the admin of the FB group needs to learn--but she's clearly not ready to hear it. Kudos to you for standing up for what is right.


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